Mask Girl Trailer Offers A Cam Girl Thriller With A Deadly Twist.

On Thursday, the streaming service released the first South Korean dark thriller series Mask Girl trailer.

Netflix has taken a severe approach to releasing billions of dollars in Korean drama. We’ve already seen many new K-Dramas released on the platform this year, yet many more are coming, including Mask Girl, a gripping cam-girl thriller featuring a twist that will arrive this August.

Mask Girl will tell the events of Kim Mo-mi (You’s Go Hyun-jung’s reflection), an average office worker with childhood fantasies of becoming famous. Stuck in everyday life, she receives the attention she seeks by becoming Mask Girl, an online streamer (also called an internet broadcasting jockey in Korea).

Mask Girl Official Teaser

The new trailer begins with the titular girl commencing one of her live streams, dancing to music and asking the audience, “Do I look pretty?” But things swiftly go bad when Mask Girl comes to light with a knife standing over a dead body.

Separate title cards in the teaser represent “Three names, three killings, three lives,” while a montage of dramatic events from the next K-drama plays. A female sobbing under a mask, a fist match, a shotgun being fired, and other scenarios are shown.

We also meet Mo-mi’s office coworker, Ju Oh-nam (Be Melodramatic’s Ahn Jae-hong), and single mother Kim Kyung-ja (The Glory‘s Yeom Hye-ran), who pleads for help in what looks to be an abandoned church.

The teaser teases the show’s rapid development and fast-paced storytelling, which fans can expect. 

The revelation that the mysterious BJ ‘Mask Girl,’ Nana, and Go Hyun Jung are all Kim Momi has gotten much attention.

This innovative storytelling decision, in which three persons from different times live three lives and commit three murders, has aroused viewers’ interest.

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Netflix shared the following logline:

Mask Girl

Kim Momi, an ordinary working lady with major insecurities about her looks, finds herself in a series of accidents as she works as a mask-wearing online BJ. “Momi” likes people’s attention by living as a grown-up BJ Mask Girl at night, despite her terrible looks and perfect figure.

We follow the story of “Momi,” who finds herself in an entirely different existence following an unforeseen event.

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The cast and character of Mask Girl.

Mask Girl

Ko Hyun-Jung from Reflections of You plays the lead role of Kim Momi, who is accompanied by Ahn Jae-hong of Be Melodramatic & Time to Hunt. Yeom Hye-ram from The Glory and actress/singer Nana also appear in the series.

So far, the following actors have been cast:

Ko Hyun-Jung as Kim Momi

Ahn Jae-hong as Momi’s colleague Ju Oh-nam

Daniel Choi


Yeom Hye-ram as Kim Kyung-ja

Anzu Lawson as Cellie

Fans of dark and intriguing shows should mark their calendars for the August 18th launch of ‘Mask Girl,’ which will be available on Netflix. Keep an eye out for what seems to be an intriguing and captivating watching experience.