Jennifer Lopez Referred To Her Elopement With Husband Ben Affleck!

Jennifer Lopez talks about eloping wet her husband Ben Affleck in the new lyrics of a song called Midnight Trip To Vegas.

Many celebrities keep their personal life very much private but at the same time, they disclose it through their work.

And among them are Singers and songwriters who generally write the lyrics according to their personal life and give them perfect music.

Sometimes it also reflects in the music video of these celebrities while other times it comes in some other ways or maybe through the social media post.

The same recently happened with the new song by Jennifer Lopez called Midnight Trip to Vegas. She recently released the new edition of her newsletter on 17 July 2023.

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Jennifer Lopez Referred To Her Elopement With Husband Ben Affleck In A New Song Called Midnight Trip To Vegas!

Jennifer Lopez

It came as a 1st-anniversary gift or tribute to her husband Ben Affleck. They both decided to elope in July 2022 with the presence of their children to get married.

And due to the same reason, the singer decided to keep it in the lyrics from her upcoming album called This Is Me… Now. And due to the same reason, she reflected in her newsletter, the lyrics of the song.

Coming to the lyrics then talks about the dream of finding someone like her husband and she did. The whole song is full of entertainment as the couple decided to go to Vegas for their wedding and that’s what is reflected in the title which is the Midnight Trip to Vegas.

She also talked about the dresses and the pastries and how it was raining.

Coming to the detailing of the song then it goes like this: “Is this what we’ve been dreaming of? It’s crowded with families and agents, room reservations, and which destination?

Paps, helicopters, and events of the ages are caught in the matrix. Then you whispered in my ear. Said, ‘Let’s get out of here. We can disappear tonight.”

The chorus was coming with the total feeling towards Ben Affleck and how the singer is being the bride of the actor. The song for the goals of having a trip to Vegas and throwing the kids in the back.

It also talks about them together in the bathroom scenes as their hearts were racing. Coming the life of the couple then they started dating each other in 2021 after 20 years of separation.

And then soon they got engaged and then married with the presence of all five children. The five children include two children of Jennifer Lopez that is Emme and Max and three of Ben: Seraphina, Samuel, and Violet.