Sonic Prime Season 3: Everything You Need to Know.

Sonic Prime Season 2 was released recently and since then fans got excited to know about the Season 3 of the series.

I am pretty much sure that all the readers who are reading this article must be familiar with the most iconic character Sonic the Hedgedog, and we all are huge fans of this character!!!

This gaming character does not limit to just the games but it is coming up with new animated series as well. As Sonic Prime and Season 2 premiered, now we are here to know the possibility of Sonic Prime Season 3.

The first season of Sonic Prime released in the year 2022 answers then the speculations that are high for the upcoming seasons, In the first season we saw introducing Sonic to the Shatterverse with reality-breaking consequences.

And now all the weavers must be quite excited to know everything about Sonic Prime Season 3 but you need not go else because we are here to provide you the information about it!!! But for that to be accomplished you need to keep reading this article till the end!!!!

What is the Renewal Status of Sonic Prime Season 3?

Sonic Prime Season 3

If we talk officially then officially the series is not renewed by the makers yet, but we are speculating that we will definitely get to see Sonic Prime Season 3 looking at the response the second season of this animated series received!!!

As Season 2 has only just dropped on the streaming platform, we’ll need to wait and see how it performs and what will be the response of the audiences – however, there’s a chance a third season has already been confirmed.

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What Can be the Expected Release Date of Sonic Prime Season 3?

Sonic Prime Season 3

As already mentioned we need to wait till the makers renew the series officially but if everything works well and as planned then we could hopefully expect Sonic Prime Season 3 to premiere somewhere around late 2024.

And if we closely look at the release pattern of the previous two seasons then we will notice that there was a 7-month gap between the release of both seasons so going with the same trend clearly indicates that we will get to see season 3 in the year 2024.

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Who All Could Return as Cast Members In Sonic Prime Season 3?

Sonic Prime Season 3

Being super hopeful we are predicting that season 3 will definitely come and we could expect the following actors to give their voices to different characters in season 3 as well:

  • Deven Mack as Sonic
  • Brian Drummond as Dr. Eggman
  • Ashleigh Ball as Tails
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Amy Rose • Adam Nurada as Knuckles
  • Kazumi Evans as Rouge
  • Ian Hanlin as Shadow and Big the Cat
  • Seán McLoughlin as Jack
  • Rachell Hofstetter as Squad Commander Red

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What Could be the Possible Storyline of Season 3?

Sonic Prime Season 3

No storyline has been made public by the makers yet we need to wait for the renewal announcement for that.

But if we go by the ending of season 2 then we are pretty much show that season 3 would pick up the story from where the season 2nd left us.

There are certain loose ends from where the story could be picked up easily for the third season.

stay tuned and thanks for reading:)