How Lindsay Lohan Recalls Meeting Her Husband Bader Shammas.

In the first open discussion of her real-life love story, Lindsay Lohan revealed how she first met Bader Shammas, the man she is now married…

Published: June 10th, 2023 3:52 am | Updated: June 10, 2023 3:52 am

In the first open discussion of her real-life love story, Lindsay Lohan revealed how she first met Bader Shammas, the man she is now married to.

The 36-year-old former child actress Lindsay Lohan is expecting a kid with the billionaire later this year. She shared a photo of a white baby growing with the adorable words “coming soon” on Instagram to let her followers know.

After two years of dating, Bader and Lindsay got engaged in November 2021, and she revealed her sparkling engagement ring in a romantic Instagram photo to announce the happy news.

After she referred to the Dubai-based finance expert as her “husband” in a social media post published around that time, it was assumed that they had wed a year later, in July 2022.

‘I can’t wait to experience the emotion and learn what it’s like to be a mum,’ the iconic face confessed.

Tears of joy. Since then, she has shared how she met the man who would soon become her child’s father while traveling in the Middle Eastern nation where she has resided for the past seven years.

Lindsay claimed that they ran into each other in a restaurant on a Monday night. She also reflected on how she felt about having a kid for the first time with her now-husband.

The Netflix holiday movie “Falling For Christmas,” which debuted in November 2022, was promoted by Lohan last year, according to her.

Lohan said she was with her mother, Dina, the day before she was scheduled to travel back to Dubai, where she resides. She remembered telling her mother, “I think I might be pregnant,” after feeling weird.

The “The Parent Trap” star told Allure that after returning to Dubai, she took a pregnancy test, and the results were positive. She claimed that after that, she told her husband, who was in the next room, about the test results.

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Lindsay Lohan on Informing Husband of Pregnancy.

Lindsay Lohan

The Lindsay Lohan star has recently been more emotional about the whole situation as her baby belly has “popped” a little more, rejoicing in the reality that she will soon become a mother, something she stated she is ready for and looking forward to.

Even though the Sick Note alum hasn’t publicly shared her due date, the child can be anticipated to arrive within the next few months, given that she first announced her pregnancy via Instagram in March, making her growing bump public for the first time the following month, and already celebrated with a small baby shower.

She lay on an orange sun lounger with a smile, wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and aviator sunglasses. As she demonstrated that she was adjusting to pregnancy reasonably well and was radiant in the social media photo, her growing belly was clearly on display.

The former Disney actress has been tweeting adorable pictures of her expanding tummy and baby shower on social media to let fans follow her pregnancy journey.