Top 10 Television Series Like All the Light We Cannot See.

This tv miniseries is adapted from Julie Orringer's 2019 novel 'The Flight Portfolio'.

Published: June 8th, 2023 1:36 am | Updated: June 7, 2023 1:36 am

Shawn Levy has directed the upcoming limited drama series ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ which is adapted from the same named Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Anthony Doerr.

The plot revolves around Marie-Laure, a blind French teen girl, and Werner Pfennig, a German soldier, forced to join the Nazi Regime, whose lives cross each other in an occupied France during World War II.

Aria Mia Loberti and Louis Hofmann portrayed Marie-Laure LeBlanc and Werner Pfennig respectively in the series.

Other main cast members include Mark Ruffalo playing Marie-Laure’s father, Hugh Laurie, Marie-Laure’s great uncle and a reclusive WWI veteran suffering from PTSD, Lars Eidinger, Andrea Deck, and Marion Bailey. The series is set to be released on November 2, 2023, on Netflix.

Following is a list of other television series set in the time of World War II that you must watch.

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Top 10 Television Series Like All the Light We Cannot See.

World on Fire – Number of Seasons: 1

World on Fire

Peter Bowker created this British war drama series that revolves around ordinary civilians living across Europe whose lives have been intertwined due to being caught up in World War II.

Jonah Hauer-King, Sean Bean, Helen Hunt, Lesley Manville, Julia Brown, Zofia Wichłacz, Brian J. Smith, Parker Sawyers, Blake Harrison, and Ewan Mitchell are some of the main cast members of the series. It premiered on September 29, 2019, on BBC One.

A Small Light – Number of Seasons: 1

A Small Light

This biographical drama miniseries follows Miep Gies, Otto Frank’s secretary who helped her Jewish employer and the rest of his family including Anne Frank to hide during World War II after Nazi Germany invades the Netherlands.

English actress Bel Powley portrayed Miep Gies in the series. It ran from 1st May to 22nd May 2023.

Transatlantic – Number of Seasons: 1


This tv miniseries is adapted from Julie Orringer’s 2019 novel ‘The Flight Portfolio’. The plot surrounds the historic Emergency Rescue Committee that operated in 1940 in Spain, Marseilles, and Portugal in the aftermath of the fall of France.

Well-known scholars or artists whom the committee saved, are also featured in the series. The series premiered on April 7, 2023, on Netflix.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond – Number of Seasons: 1

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

This British miniseries follows the military creator of Ian Fleming, the famous creator of James Bond. The plot covers the years between 1938 and 1952 and delves into the romantic adventures of Fleming and his espionage for the Royal Navy.

English actor Dominic Cooper portrayed Ian Fleming in the series with Lara Pulver playing Ann O’Neill. It ran from 29th January to 19th February 2014.

Island at War – Number of Seasons: 1

Island at War

This British tv series tells the story of the German occupation of the Channel Islands. The plot surrounds three local families which are the Jonases, the working-class family, Mahys, the middle-class family, and Dorrs, the upper-class family as well as four German officers.

As a stand-in for the real-life islands of Jersey and Guernsey, the fictional island of St. Gregory is featured in the series compiling events on both islands. It ran from 11th July to 15th August 2004.

The Diary of Anne Frank – Number of Seasons: 1

The Diary of Anne Frank

This BBC adaptation of the ‘The Diary of a Young Girl cast Ellie Kendrick in the titular role of Anne Frank with Iain Glen as her father, Tamsin Greig as her mother, and Kate Ashfield as Miep Gies.

The series ran from 5th January to 9th January 2009 on BBC One.

Fortunes of War – Number of Seasons: 1

Fortunes of War

This is a BBC tv adaptation of the novel series Fortunes of War by Olivia Manning. The plot revolves around an English Literature lecturer Guy Pringle and his wife Harriet Pringle living in Bucharest during the early days of World War II. Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson portrayed Guy Pringle and Harriet Pringle in the series.

Branagh and Thompson met at the set of the series and eventually married. The series ran from 11th October to 22nd November 1987.

Jaguar – Number of Seasons: 1


This historical Spanish action thriller drama tv series is set in the 1960s when Spain housed hundred of Nazi refugees following WWII.

The plot revolves around a Spaniard woman named Isabel Riaza who joins a group of agents on a trip to seek justice. Blanca Suárez portrayed Isabel Garrido in the series. It premiered on September 22, 2021, on Netflix.

Tannbach – Number of Seasons: 2

Prime Video

This German tv series is inspired by the village of Mödlareuth whose inhabitants were divided by the Iron Curtain along the brook known as Tannbach.

Anne Frank: The Whole Story – Number of Seasons: 1

Anne Frank: The Whole Story

This two-part biographical war drama series is adapted from Melissa Müller’s 1998 book ‘Anne Frank: The Biography’. Hannah Taylor-Gordon portrayed Anne Frank in the series. It ran on 20th May and 21st May 2001.