Sabrina Carpenter’s Dream Came True By Joining Taylor Swift In Next Tour!

Sabrina Carpenter is all happy as she will be joining her role model Taylor Swift soon for the upcoming concerts!

Published: June 5th, 2023 7:15 am | Updated: June 5, 2023 7:15 am

Sabrina Carpenter says it is totally a dream come true for her to tour with Taylor Swift. There are a lot of celebrities who built their career in the entertainment industry with all their blood and sweat.

Whether it is related to releasing any movie or any song, they try to keep it very much on the trend.

Whether it is related to the single or album. And if a collaboration is coming in the front then it is a dream come true for the fans as well as for the artist. Sometimes this collaboration comes with a song while other times it can be seen through the concert.

The same recently happened when Sabrina Carpenter confessed her dream of coming true with Taylor Swift.

The singer will be recently seen touring with Taylor Swift which was loved by fans and also by the artist.

Talking about all these things then it happen recently on 2 June 2023. Gaining the full circle moment for the singer, Taylor Swift revealed the tour dates and also revealed that house Sabrina Carpenter would be performing in the opening act of the Latin America tour.

To announce this happiness, Sabrina Carpenter came on Instagram and shared how happy she is with it.

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Here is what Sabrina Carpenter Said About Joining Taylor Swift.

Sabrina Carpenter

The singer said she is trying to process all these things and then thanked Taylor Swift for making her dream come true. She also included the screenshot of the tweet which was posted back in 2010.

It was the moment when she saw Taylor Swift performing right in front of her and said that the concert was really amazing.

In the same tweet, Sabrina Carpenter said that she can’t wait to have a tour like her. It is not just about going to a concert outside America but she will do it with Taylor Swift is the main thing.

While on the other hand, Taylor Swift also seems to be very excited while sharing the stage with the singer. And that’s the reason why she came on Friday and wrote:

“Really thrilled to tell you this!! Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil: We are bringing The Eras Tour to you this year! Sweet angel princess @sabrinacarpenter will be joining us on all of the shows”.

Taylor Swift.

Sabrina also explained in 2020 how she used to overthink the song of Taylor Swift. The singer said while explaining it to Apple Music:

“Taylor Swift posted something when she released her new album [Folklore] in the description of when it dropped and saying like, ‘I usually would overthink the songs that I’m going to put out and release. And I just feel like nothing is certain right now and so it just felt right and I wanted to do it”.

Taylor Swift.