TV Shows to Watch on Netflix In June 2023?

Following is the list of the ten most significant new series and seasons that you must watch on Netflix in the coming month of June 2023.

Published: May 31st, 2023 1:07 pm | Updated: May 30, 2023 1:07 pm

Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms on which a number of new television series and new seasons of past series are released each year and as a matter of fact every month.

Following is the list of the ten most significant new series and seasons that you must watch on Netflix in the coming month of June 2023.

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10 Must-Watch Television Series on Netflix Releasing In June 2023:

The Days (Season 1), 2023-


This historical thriller drama series focuses on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident that occurred over seven days in 2011. It is set to premiere on Netflix on June 1, 2023.

Manifest (Season 3, Part 2)-


Jeff Rake created this supernatural drama series the plot of which revolves around the crew and passengers of a commercial airliner named Montego Air Flight 828 who reappear out of nowhere after remaining presumably dead to everybody for five and a half long years.

Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, and Jack Messina are some of the cast members of the series. It was first produced by NBC and premiered on September 24, 2018.

NBC canceled the show after three seasons. Shortly before its cancellation, the series was added to the library of Netflix on which the series was welcomed with a topped-up viewer number.

It was renewed for a fourth and final season by Netflix. The fourth season consists of two parts the first of which was released on November 4, 2022. The final season is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on June 2, 2023.

Valeria (Season 3)-


This comedy-drama tv series is adapted from Elísabet Benavent’a novel series entitled ‘En los zapatos de Valeria‘.

The plot of this is set in Madrid and surrounds the titular character who is a writer and begins to discover something is missing in her writing as well as in her marriage.

Spanish actress Diana Gómez portrayed Valeria in the series. It premiered on May 8, 2020, on Netflix. The final and third season is set to be released on June 2, 2023, on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever (Season 4)-

Never Have I Ever Season 4

The final season of this popular American comedy-drama series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in the leading role is finally on the way.

The series surrounds an Indian American Tamil girl Devi Vishwakumar in her years in high school as she explores trauma, loss, love, friendship, sexual exposure, etc.

Devi’s mother Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, cousin Kamala Nandiwadal, her best friends Eleanor and Fabiola, and her good friend and nemesis Ben with whom she has complicated feelings are also returning in the final season.

And with Paxton back at Sherman Oaks (apparently) and Devi’s new chemistry with a till-now ignored student Ethan (played by Michael Cimino), things are sure to get more dramatic before the big end. The fourth and final season is set to arrive on Netflix on June 8, 2023.

Bloodhounds (Season 1)-


The plot of this upcoming K-drama revolves around three young people setting foot in the world of private loans to pursue money and get involved with a huge force.

Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Park Sung-Woong, and Huh Joon-ho are the main cast members of the series. It is set to be released on June 9, 2023, on Netflix.

Human Resources (Season 2)-

Human Resources (Season 2)-
Digital Spy

This American adult animated sitcom is a spin-off to the sitcom ‘Big Mouth‘ which features monsters and other creatures (Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Hormone Monstress, Depression Kitties, etc.)

From the original series in their daily lives that find them in their working places. The series premiered on March 18, 2022, with the final and second seasons set to be released on June 9, 2023, on Netflix.

The Surrogacy (Season 1), 2023- (14)

The Surrogacy

This drama series is centered on a surrogate pregnancy from which a physically disabled baby is born. It is set to be released on June 14, 2023, on Netflix.

King the Land (Season 1)-

King the Land
Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

This upcoming South Korean tv series revolves around the heir of a luxury hotel conglomerate named Goo Won and a hotelier Cheon Sa-rang.

Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah portrayed Goo Won and Cheon Sa-rang in the series. This romantic comedy tv series is set to premiere on June 17, 2023, and is scheduled to air every weekend.

See You in My 19th Life (Season 1)-

See You in My 19th Life

This upcoming fantasy romantic K-drama is adapted from the same named webtoon on Naver. The plot is centered upon a girl named Ban Ji-eum who is currently living her nineteenth reincarnation as she has been repeating her own life for almost a thousand years.

But as her eighteenth life cuts short caused of a tragic accident, she wishes to reconnect with people from her past life in her next life.

Shin Hye-sun was cast in the role of Ban Ji-mum in the series. It is set to be released on June 17, 2023, on Netflix.

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Part 3)-

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Part 3)-

Part three of the final season of the series ‘Pokémon Journeys: The Series’ which in turn is the final season of the whole Pokémon series, is arriving on Netflix on June 23, 2023.

Ash’s final battle with Leon, the current champion of the World Coronation as well as the journey of finding the legendary Pokémon Mew by his fellow researcher and friend Goh are the subjects of this final season. After twenty-six years of journey with Ash and Pikachu, viewers will finally have to part ways.