The Rising Ending Explained: Who killed Neve?

In the penultimate episode, Neve is trapped in the Keaton Hall basement with Victoria and Victoria's remains.

Published: May 30th, 2023 6:34 am | Updated: May 30, 2023 6:34 am

The Rising is a supernatural murder mystery that follows the restless soul of killed teenager Neve Kelly as she strives to find her criminal.

Living in a little town in the English countryside would shorten the suspect list, but it soon becomes clear that numerous members of this close-knit community are harboring terrible secrets.

The Rising: Who Killed Neve?

The Rising
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In the penultimate episode, Neve is trapped in the Keaton Hall basement with Victoria and Victoria’s remains. She travels through Victoria’s final day with her and is encouraged to recall her own.

She sees herself kissing and using drugs with Alex at the party, breaking up with Joe, and walking home when she meets Michael, Joe’s father, and asks for a lift.

She informs Michael about her and Joe’s separation once she’s in his van. 

Neve feels drunk and irritated and can’t get the seatbelt to work. She loses her cool as Michael reaches over to help her and starts to walk away, but Michael locks her in.

Neve is clearly scared, yet she laughs, and because Michael’s anger is constantly on edge, being laughed at is all it takes for him to lose it, and he strikes Neve across the face.

Neve escapes the van and runs into the woods, but Michael follows her. Neve is fleeing for her life, but in one last desperate attempt to regain control, she pauses and warns Michael that he will not get away with beating her; she will tell everyone what he’s done.

She flees again, but Michael chases her and knocks her down with a boulder to the back of her head before choking her with a belt and throwing her body into the river.

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What Happens At The End?

The Rising

William attempts to reason with Michael, but he fails, and a fight follows, leaving William stabbed and bleeding on the kitchen floor. 

After almost being strangled to death by Tom, Michael is imprisoned and immediately attempts to blame William for the killings, claiming he had to kill him in self-defense.

Unfortunately for him, William had the forethought to guarantee that the truth would eventually come to light, and the proof of Michael’s guilt – the belt buckle that fits the indentations on Neve’s neck and photographs of Michael wearing the belt – is securely handed in by DC Wyatt.

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Who killed Michael?

The Rising

Michael is taken to his cell, but Neve is there to greet him. Neve, knowing she has the potential to murder him, decides not to, opting to let him live with the knowledge that he is now as meaningless as he had always feared.

Victoria, on the other hand, is not as forgiving. She arrives in Michael’s cell after Neve has left, filled with fury, which manifests as a smoky substance for people in the hereafter, she envelopes Michael, and he is already dead by the time the police arrive.

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Did Neve find peace?

The Rising
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Neve makes her final stop at home. She watches her stepfather and step-siblings laughing as they wash their car, a beautiful sight to remember them by.

Neve climbs her motocross bike and rides into the unknown, finally at peace and ready to move on. The program concludes with the possibility of life beyond sadness and maybe even life after death.