FUBAR Ending Explained: Did Boro Die In The End?

FUBAR Ending Explained: Netflix’s ‘FUBAR,’ created by Nick Santora, is an exciting action-comedy series that centers around the complicated relationship between a father and daughter who are unexpectedly thrust into the role of co-workers.

The show boasts a star-studded cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Gabriel Luna, and Milan Carter, among others.

The story follows Luke Brunner, a seasoned CIA operative, who uncovers the shocking truth that his daughter, Emma, has been leading a covert life as a CIA operative herself for years.

Shortly after this revelation, the CIA assigns both Luke and Emma to collaborate on a critical mission.

As they navigate their strained dynamic, the Brunners must find a way to work together and bring down the notorious international arms dealer, Boro Polonia.

The concluding episodes of ‘FUBAR’ take audiences on a thrilling rollercoaster ride, combining action-packed sequences with comedic moments as the Brunners face numerous challenges and unexpected twists.

To uncover the hilarious and satisfying ending of this captivating series, read this article till the end to discover everything you need to know about the conclusion of ‘FUBAR.’

A Brief Recap Of FUBAR.


Luke, a former CIA operative, plans to retire and win back his ex-wife, Tally. However, Director Dot convinces him to go on one last mission to rescue Agent Panda, who turns out to be Luke’s daughter, Emma.

They travel to Guyana, where Luke infiltrates a crime family using his old alias, Finn Hoss. Luke and Emma discover their true relationship, causing tension between them.

They manage to escape from Guyana, but Boro, the crime family leader, realizes he has been betrayed by Finn and Daniella DeRosa, and that Finn was responsible for his father’s death.

Back at CIA headquarters, Luke and Emma are paired together to catch Boro, who plans to auction off a deadly suitcase nuke.

They form a team with Luke’s old friend Barry, two CIA operatives, Aldon and Roo, and an NSA analyst, Tina.

They are also required to attend joint therapy sessions with Dr. Pfeiffer. The team embarks on missions in Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Greece, with varying levels of success. Eventually, they capture Boro, but he escapes during a deal gone wrong.

Meanwhile, Luke’s family faces additional hardships as Luke’s granddaughter Romi is diagnosed with cancer. The team discovers Boro’s location in Sardovia and plans another operation.

However, they are betrayed, resulting in injuries to Aldon and Roo experiencing drug-induced effects. Luke and Emma enter Boro’s bunker alone, with orders to kill him.

The story continues from this point with Luke and Emma facing the final confrontation with Boro and dealing with the personal and professional challenges that arise along the way.

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FUBAR Ending Explained: Did Boro Die In The End?

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Boro, who was believed to be dead, resurfaces and attacks Tally’s wedding ceremony. Luke and Emma fend off his men but face Boro, who has a disfigured face and seeks revenge against them.

Boro forces Luke and Emma to choose between killing each other or saving Tally. Luke cleverly signals Tally, allowing her to stab Boro’s leg and escape.

With Tally free, Emma and Luke seize the opportunity to shoot and kill Boro. Their mission to eliminate Boro is successful.

However, as a consequence, their identities as CIA agents are exposed. This leaves their entire family vulnerable to new and more dangerous enemies.

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How Did Luke And Emma Got Exposed?


After Luke’s retirement, Tally announces her engagement to Donnie, which devastates Luke. Tally decides to close the chapter on Luke and plans to marry Donnie, even though she doesn’t truly love him.

However, on the day of the wedding, Boro interrupts the ceremony.

Boro, who knows Luke and Emma by their aliases, Finn Hoss and Daniella DeRosa, manages to track down Emma’s real name and discovers her engagement.

This leads to their covers being blown, and the criminal world learns their true identities.

Additionally, it is revealed that Tina, Barry’s girlfriend, and an NSA analyst, has connections to Russia, which poses a menacing threat.

In the series finale, the Brunner family, along with Donnie and Emma’s ex-fiancé Carter, escape from the wedding. Luke reveals his CIA past to Tally in an attempt to convince her not to marry Donnie.

Now, Tally and the entire family are aware of Luke and Emma’s secret professions. With their identities exposed, their loved ones are in danger.

The ending hints at a second season with complex family dynamics and the potential for betrayal from Tina.