XO, Kitty Ending Explained: Do Kitty And Dae End Up Together?

Serving as a spinoff to the beloved ‘To All the Boys’ film trilogy, the series XO, Kitty revolves around Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey, portrayed by the talented Anna Cathcart.

Published: May 26th, 2023 1:29 am | Updated: May 25, 2023 1:29 am

XO, Kitty Ending Explained: Netflix’s newest teen rom-com series, ‘XO, Kitty,’ made its highly anticipated debut on Thursday, May 18, captivating audiences worldwide.

Serving as a spinoff to the beloved ‘To All the Boys’ film trilogy, the series revolves around Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey, portrayed by the talented Anna Cathcart.

Viewers are reintroduced to Kitty, the spirited younger sister of Lara Jean, as she navigates her own unique love story.

In the thrilling conclusion of ‘XO, Kitty,’ despite Dae’s attempt to reconcile with her, Kitty realizes that it’s time for her to embark on a new chapter in her life.

While she cherishes her time in Seoul and the deep connection she shared with Dae, Kitty desires to explore new experiences and opportunities.

However, her college journey takes an unexpected turn when she is expelled for breaching a scholarship rule.

Similarly, Dae also faces setbacks as he loses his dorm room and scholarship after a fateful encounter with Florian during the finals. For a detailed account of the ending of ‘XO, Kitty,’ be sure to read this article till the end.

XO, Kitty Ending Explained: Do Kitty And Dae End Up Together?

XO, Kitty
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No, at the end of the show “XO, Kitty”, Kitty and Dae do not end up together. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn on the night of the talent show when Kitty gets up the courage to confess her feelings to Dae.

To her surprise, Kitty reveals that she actually has feelings for Yuri. Dae, shocked and hurt by the revelation, finds it difficult to handle the news gracefully.

Overwhelmed by his emotions, he chooses to walk away from Kitty, leaving her feeling rejected and confused.

The two of them have no further communication until the day Kitty is set to return to her hometown of Portland, Oregon. It is at the airport where they cross paths again, but their encounter is brief and tense.

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Do Kitty And Yuri End Up Together?

XO, Kitty

No, at the end of the show “XO, Kitty”, Kitty doesn’t end up with Yuri either. It all begins on the night of Min Ho’s party when Kitty experiences a sudden realization of her feelings for Yuri.

But the fact that she is already in a serious relationship with Dae makes her emotions difficult to control. Determined to remain loyal, Kitty attempts to suppress her growing affection for Yuri.

She fights against her emotions, attempting to bury her desires deep inside. But despite her efforts, the more she tries to ignore her romantic feelings for Yuri, the stronger they become.

Kitty reaches a breaking point, exhausted from concealing her emotions and living a lie. She realizes that she can no longer continue hiding her true feelings and finally confesses her feelings for Yuri to Dae.

Despite Kitty’s best efforts, she faces repeated interruptions when attempting to share her feelings with Yuri. Even after parting ways with Dae at the airport, Kitty’s encounter with Yuri is interrupted once again, this time by the arrival of Juliana.

Frustrated by the constant disruptions, Kitty ultimately decides to keep her emotions to herself and chooses to board her plane back to Portland without expressing her true feelings.

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Will Kitty And Min Ho Get Together?

XO, Kitty
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In the end, something unexpected happens to Kitty when she boards the plane to America. She finds Min Ho sitting right beside her!

It turns out Min Ho is going to Los Angeles to spend his vacation with Kitty’s mother, who is an actress.

He could have flown in a fancy first-class seat, but he chose to sit in coach because he knew Kitty was on the same flight.

Min Ho thought Kitty could use some company, and he was right. During their conversation, Kitty shares that she made up with Dae, but they both agreed it was time to end their relationship.

They realized their love had come to an end. At this moment, Min Ho decides to take a chance and confesses his feelings to Kitty.

He tells her he has fallen in love with her. This surprises Kitty because she had thought Min Ho didn’t like her. But she’s also happy about it, which means she might be interested in exploring their relationship.

The upcoming winter break is the perfect opportunity for that. Min Ho will be in America, and even though Portland and LA aren’t very close, they’re closer than Portland and Seoul.

They could take their time and get to know each other better through calls and texts, just like Kitty and Dae did for four years before they met in person.

When they have to return to Seoul, they’ll have a stronger bond and a better understanding of how to move forward, if they choose to do so.