Is Rebel Wilson Joining Next James Bond Movie?

Are we really getting Rebel Wilson in the next adventure of James Bond series, all details here!

Published: May 26th, 2023 6:47 am | Updated: May 26, 2023 6:47 am

Rebel Wilson is right now surrounded by the casting of James Bond. There are many celebrities and many franchises that are going with many news.

Sometimes it is related to the casting of celebrities while at the time it is related to the release of any series and movies. And if we talk about one such thing then the beginning of any movie follows with the release date and the script.

And if everything is fine then casting becomes one of the parts of it where fans want to know how their actors are going to complete the roles.

Among them is the famous actress of Hollywood that is Rebel Wilson who recently revealed giving an audition for the next James Bond movie. After hosting the 2022 BAFTA film awards, the producer of the movie was impressed by it.

And when it comes to all these things then it is not clear for now. The actress is right now giving her presence at Cannes Film Festival to launch her directorial debut The Deb.

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Will Rebel Wilson Join James Bond?

Rebel Wilson

The Deb is the screen adaptation of an Australian musical comedy. Rebel Wilson also once talked about getting into the director seat and also hosting the film award. Talking about the film awards then one of the most controversial things that happened was her roasting The Royal Family of Britain.

When it talk about the James Bond then Rebel Wilson said that she had to clear some jokes related to James Bond while talking to the producers before hosting.

And due to the same reason, she came in direct contact with the producers which ultimately lead to the auditions.

The actress said that she was stressed about that role which was of course not for James Bond but for another character in the same movie. When it comes to the audition then it already happened in the last year of 2022.

Talking about the result of this casting then the actress appears to be diplomatic about it. And due to the same reason, a lot of fans are thinking that she might have got the role and that’s the reason why not revealing it.

Rebel Wilson called it the hardest gig and said: “because two hours before, [they were like] ‘Let’s just change everything.’ So I had to get up there and wing it. There was so much chaos in that show. Certain people don’t come and then they change the order for the show”.

Rebel Wilson.