MerPeople Review and Ending Explained: MerPeople Dives Deep With Mermaid Fans!

Mermaid Barbara, one of these ladies, gives her views and life experience as a professional mermaid in this documentary series.

Published: May 25th, 2023 6:01 am | Updated: May 25, 2023 6:01 am

MerPeople Netflix exclusive series follows the artists behind a rising genre of underwater entertainment. 

An underwater job, a high-paying wage, and it only takes a few flips to get there. That’s a common fallacy; those flips and turns are more complex than we think.

Although it may seem straightforward above water, performing it several feet below while being observed by others can be pretty strenuous. So dive in to discover what this series is all about!

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MerPeople Review


Mermaids exist outside of stories for kids and fantasy novels. Of course, these sea creatures have long been a fantasy theme, but in the 1960s and 1970s, a few people ventured to modify this notion.

Mermaid Barbara, one of these ladies, gives her views and life experience as a professional mermaid in this documentary series. Numerous more mermaids and mermen will be joining her as we continue. 

Beginning with Mermaid Sparkles, the first mermaid presented in Wade’s series. She is Arkansas’s first professional mermaid. Her path, though, could have been more gorgeous tails and glistening makeup.

First, she needed access to a swimming pool or a river to practice properly. Sparkles then met Mermaid Pixi, and the two became sisters–or sea sisters.

Both of them began their adventure by practicing in a little section of a swimming pool graciously given by a group of individuals who practice water aerobics.

Che Monique, the next mermaid, is the creator of the Society of Fat Mermaids. She is a mythical mermaid who demonstrates that size and color are only excuses, not obstacles.

MerPeople is a documentary series that follows the path of people who want to be mermaids or mermen–and yes, it is based on real-life people who are the foundations of the mermaid business.

And, no, these folks do not have tails instead of legs or magical abilities.

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MerPeople Ending Explained: Who Are Morgana Alba and Eric Ducharme?


Mermaiding is distinct from water-related professions. It all comes down to elegance, delicacy, and the ability to captivate your audience via the actions you execute.

Some even call it mermaid modeling, but the purpose of these merpeople is to captivate their audience and take them to a fantasy realm.

Eric Ducharme founded MerTailor, a company that creates and sells mermaid and merman tails. Aside from that, Ducharme is a skillful merman well-known for his underwater ballet performances.

Unfortunately, Eric suffers from Tourette’s syndrome. Nonetheless, he is adamant about realizing his ideal of building a world for merpeople where they may live full-time. For this to happen, he has begun his mermaid shows. 

Morgana Alba, a name that every mermaid and merman reveres is the creator of The Circus Siren Pod, an elite mermaid performing group.

Alba is a professional mermaid who began her career when mermaiding was not considered legitimate.

She wishes to take mermaiding to the next level and assist professional mermaids and mermen in fully embracing mermaiding.

Each of these mermaids and mermen tells their story and helps us plunge into the world of merpeople in this four-episode docuseries.