Fast X Ending Explanation and Post-Credits Scene Breakdown.

By the time Fast X's closing credits appear, Jakob and Little Brian had connected with Dom.

Published: May 24th, 2023 1:52 am | Updated: May 23, 2023 1:52 am

Hernan Reyes’s son, Dante, is thrust into the spotlight of the spectacle as Fast X concludes on a significant cliffhanger and introduces a new opponent with history to Fast Five in the past.

Cypher fights against Dominic “Dom” Toretto in the movie, who has allied with a character from Dom’s past. Dante, the son of Fast Five bad guy Hernan Reyes, is portrayed by Jason Momoa.

Twisted by twelve years of anguish, the crew races around the globe to avert tragedy as part of Dante’s revenge plan, but Dom is given his most challenging assignment yet when it becomes clear that Dante is going after his kid.

Dom and his family experience betrayals, deaths, and dangerous circumstances near the conclusion of Fast X. After being assumed dead, Gisele returns to the Fast series after Letty and Cipher’s recent escape from the black site jail in Antarctica.

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Fast And Furious X Ending Explanation: A Shocking Ending

Fast X
Slash Film

By the time Fast X’s closing credits appear, Jakob and Little Brian had connected with Dom. Little Brian ends up in Dante’s car thanks to a series of amusing action movie plot devices, and Jakob gives his life to eliminate several foes so Dom may approach Dante.

When Dom gets up to him, Little Brian does an impossible theatrical maneuver that no one could have predicted: he jumps from Dante’s car to Dom’s while the two donuts are in the middle of a highway.

Finally, little Brian and Dom depart in a car into the horizon.

When Dante catches them in a trap on a dam and says that this was precisely his true intention, at this very time, an aircraft carrying Roman, Tej, Han, and Ramsay flies over the dam for unknown reasons.

Dante then orders Ames, the new head of the Agency, to shoot the flight down with a rocket. The jet then crashes and explodes, ostensibly killing the four pillars of the series.

In the meantime, Dante is aiming at Dom’s automobile with two gas-hauling huge rigs on either end of the dam.

Since it would be horrifying to murder Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsay for no apparent reason during a scenario to which they had no clear chance to contribute, it is evident that Tej, Roman, Han, and Ramsay are not dead.

On the other hand, Jakob appears to have vanished. Never say never; we’ve seen characters escape being blown apart in automobile explosions.

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Fast And Furious X’s Post-Credits Scene Breakdown?

Fast X

After the opening credits, an unidentified agent discovers one of Dante’s fake lairs, a church with a lone, outdated TV, from which Dante broadcasts more new information to viewers.

After the tragic vehicle accident on the Rio de Janeiro bridge in Fast 5, this masked guy presumably shot and murdered Hernan Reyes, and he is now on Dante’s death list.

When the man removes his mask, Dwayne Johnson is revealed as the salt-and-pepper goateed Luke Hobbs, the agent of the Diplomatic Security Service who was looking for Dom and Brian O’Conner in Fast 5, and the film comes to a close.