Is Citadel Season 2 Cancelled? What creator said about this?

Citadel Season 2 is the most hot topic on internet after it's episode 5 released last Friday, Here we have few exclusive details on it's renewal

Published: May 23rd, 2023 5:32 am | Updated: May 23, 2023 5:32 am

Citadel Season 2 will happen or not it’s the most asked question right now on the internet as the creator of the show EP David has said something depressing about the show.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s Citadel Season 1 is near its end as the fifth episode was released last Friday. Now the fans are speculating about its next season. Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra, Ashleigh Cummings, Lesley Manville, and Stanley Tucci starring spy thriller series have got international fame because of their unique cinematography, plot shifts, and action sequences.

The Russo Brothers series is currently the second most-watched series on Amazon Prime Video because of its huge OTT opening of 25 million viewership in the first few days.

But the future of the series is already in danger due to its budget which is $300 million, So Will we get Citadel Season 2 or not it’s the most important question.

Will Citadel Season 2 happen or not?

Although the series has a huge fanbase and the show’s lead actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas is also very popular and her devoted fans have already boosted the performance of an average series to the next level.

Citadel Season 6 info
Citadel/Amazon Prime

But as we all know the filming cost and actor’s salary are really very high which has made this series a not much profitable one. That’s the creator of the show EP David is not sure about its future.

In an interview with the CinemaBlend, EP David something about Citadel Season 2.

Well, so we’re not officially… I know, there was reporting on it. We’re not officially greenlit for a second season.

EP David in anInterview with Cinema Blend

When I was listening to his interview, I almost collapsed as I love the series so much specially PRiyanka’s performance in it. But later I was relieved as later he said

However, what I can say is that, you know, the Citadel universe is robust, and there are so many threads by the end of the season that would be very thrilling to pick up in a second season and hopefully beyond. So there’s a lot of mythology to unpack.

EP David in anInterview with Cinema Blend

So, it’s clear that Amazon will renew the series and we will have Citadel Season 2. But I don’t think it will be announced anytime soon, As Russo Brothers had already told me Citadel will be made in various languages across the world by different creators and various actors will be part of the series.

In its Indian version, Varun Dhawan will be in the lead role with Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The Family Man’s directors duo Raj & DK will direct the show in India.

What may happen next in Citadel?

So as we all know now that Citadel Season 2 certainly be happening. So let’s discuss the upcoming episode of the series which is episode 6.

CItadel Season 2 Details
Amazon Prime Video

So Citadel Episode 6 will be released on Friday 26th, 2023. In the last episode, we came to know that Nadia Sinh’s daughter Asha is the daughter of Mason (Richard Madden) and now she is kidnapped by Manticore Agents.

Now in the next episode, we will watch the next level of action sequences by both Nadia and Mason, as they will fight with Manticore to save their daughter.

The first season will end next Friday and after that, the Italian version of Citadel will be released very soon on Amazon Prime. The Production of the series is almost done in Itay. Matilda De Angelis will be in the lead role in the Italian Citadel.