Jennifer Lopez Rocked Dramatic Arm Tattoo On The Set Of Unstoppable!

Jennifer Lopez was seen at the set of Unstoppable where the actress flauntes her arm tatto

Published: May 19th, 2023 3:07 am | Updated: May 19, 2023 3:07 am

Jennifer Lopez rocks a dramatic armed tattoo on the set of Unstoppable. There are a lot of celebrities who are giving us back-to-back appearances but sometimes these appearances come with some shocking news.

Sometimes it is related to the relationship formation while at the time it is related to the breakup. But whatever is it, they try to keep it very grounded and normal that is confined to themselves.

And when it comes to their love life then they try to support their partner in every possible way, whether it is a personal or professional life.

Among them was Jennifer Lopez who was recently seen in a dramatic look. The singer had a dramatic armed tattoo on the set of Unstoppable.

Unstoppable is the new movie coming from her husband Ben Affleck. The detail of the tattoo was with red and black ink of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

It was also coming with red flowers on her upper arm while she was wearing a sleeveless purple top. The actress was also wearing jeans and flip-flops for the day while carrying them with her long hair in waves. She was also there feeling comfortable with a gold necklace.

This latest appearance of Jennifer Lopez calls a lot of sparks. To came with her long friend as well as actor Matt Damon for a film. This film is coming directly from the Independence production house that they started together last year.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Jennifer Lopez from the Set Of Unstoppable!

Jennifer Lopez

It was the same production house that produce a sports drama called Air. This movie refers to the history of Michael Jordan and his partnership with Nike.

They were also focusing on all-American wrestler Anthony Robles. In this movie, Unstoppable, we can see how Anthony is born with one leg and still carries the dream of holding a national championship. That’s what happened when Anthony came in the National Championship at Arizona State.

It was the latest movie on Netflix called The Mother released on 12th May 2023. It was a mystery as well as an adventure film that was directed by Niki Caro.

Coming to the leading actress then it was Jennifer Lopez who decided to come with her mother and mother-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The actress shared a video while sitting with her mother on Mother’s Day while calling them moms. She said that how mothers are always right and celebrated the day with them.