The Great Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

The beginning of The Great Season 3 takes place immediately after the conclusion of The Great Season 2, in which Catherine made an effort to kill Peter.

Published: May 15th, 2023 7:43 am | Updated: May 15, 2023 7:43 am

The Great Season 3 Ending Explained: The Great Season 3, a period comedy-drama that releases on Hulu, takes place in the aftermath of yet another quarrel that occurred between Catherine and Peter.

Her love for him prevents Catherine from killing Peter, despite the fact that he has done something awful.

They both agree that some issues in their marriage need to be resolved if they don’t want to get trapped in a never-ending cycle of loving and wanting to kill each other. 

The beginning of The Great Season 3 takes place immediately after the conclusion of The Great Season 2, in which Catherine made an effort to kill Peter by stabbing his body double, Pugachev, but failed in her mission.

Despite this betrayal, the couple decides to get back together, and they spend a large portion of the season figuring out how to get along without harming each other’s life. 

By episode 6, though, a dramatic change in the plot occurs as Peter plunges to his death into an icy lake.

The rest of the season is spent with Catherine mourning Peter’s passing and nearly losing her position as ruler.

Thankfully, she bounces back toward the conclusion to take charge of her disastrous court. Continue reading this article till the end to know everything about what happened at the end of The Great Season 3.

The Great Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

The Great Season 3

The uprising and survival of Pugachev from season 2 have left Russia in ruins by the time The Great season 3 ends, and Catherine is on the verge of losing her position as Empress.

By hiding Peter’s death, she ruined her relationship with the court and developed a despair that made her careless about Russia’s future. 

But after amazingly preserving her own life, she rises up once more to defend Russia. She accomplishes this by making a number of crucial choices that put an end to the rebellion and hold her peers accountable for their betrayal. Three important orders are made by Catherine after gathering her cabinet. 

First, she makes the choice to send Maxim to a military academy so he can hone his aptitude for violence and receive the training necessary to succeed Catherine as the commander of the army.

She then gives the order for cannonballs, one of which will be Pugachev’s head, to be fired at Pugachev’s headquarters. 

Finally, Catherine forces Archie into approving two laws: one declares that the comet that is expected to pass through Russia is a divine indication of her authority, and the other frees all of the serfs under the church.

In response, Catherine asks that Archie be tortured and executed before being buried alive for betraying her by cooperating with Pugachev.

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Will Catherine Be Able To Lead Russia Without Peter?

The Great Season 3
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The question of whether Catherine will continue to rule Russia without Peter ultimately becomes the primary focus of season three of The Great.

Peter’s sudden death only makes Catherine’s capacity to lead worse, despite the fact that he was once an important obstacle to Catherine’s power. 

The ideals she formerly cared profoundly about have lost their meaning as a result of her loss and depression, and she even shows suicidal signals. As a result, for a large portion of the episodes, it is ambiguous whether Catherine will move on from losing Peter or let Russia and herself get worse. 

The conclusion does, however, provide a solution. It appears like Catherine is back in action as Empress of Russia after defeating Pugachev and making Archie suffer for his treachery.

She may still pursue her original objectives of improving Russia even though Peter’s death has changed her, especially in the sense that she now has a new edge to her. 

The third season of The Great as well as historical evidence suggest that Catherine still has a number of problems to address.

For instance, the conspiracy by Georgina, Hugo, and Agnes still succeeded, and Pugachev’s insurrection might still be going strong because Arkady intended to lead his resistance.

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Will Catherine Learn About Orlo’s Death?

The Great Season 3

The truth regarding Orlo’s death is yet another important mystery that Catherine might (or might not) uncover in the coming seasons.

Catherine and Peter are wandering through the woods in the opening episode of season 3 of The Great when Catherine hears a sound and runs in that way. 

The two resume their journey after seeing nothing, but in reality, Catherine shot and killed Orlo, who had been slipping through the forest to kill Peter.

Despite the fact that the audience is fully aware of the truth, this turned out to be Catherine’s first huge surprise of the season and an enormous enigma. 

It’s doubtful that Catherine will ever learn that she murdered Orlo. There were no witnesses to Orlo’s murder, and his body was finally eaten by bears, therefore there is no record of how or where he died, despite the fact that this is a significant plot aspect that would affect Catherine. 

This raises the issue of why the showrunners killed Orlo in the first place, as there is a possibility that Catherine will never learn what happened to him.

It’s possible that Orlo and Catherine’s relationship had ended and needed to be put to rest permanently, or that Orlo’s demise may, in fact, be addressed in future seasons.