Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Happened In The Ending Of This Episode?

The fourth episode delves more deeply into each character's past, particularly Abby's, showing the true nature of her relationship with Citadel.

Published: May 15th, 2023 8:13 am | Updated: May 15, 2023 8:13 am

Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained: The spy-thriller series “Citadel” on Prime Video tells the story of Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, two undercover agents.

The memories of Mason and Nadia fade away after a mission goes wrong. They are unable to remember their past life as spies for the secret organization known as Citadel, which was destroyed because one of its agents betrayed the organization. 

Eight years later, their paths cross once more as they attempt to reconstruct what transpired to them and their agency while thwarting the enemy’s attempts to carry out a catastrophic tragedy.

The show, which was created by David Weil, is a high-octane experience that paints a fascinating depiction of the life of a spy while keeping the characters firmly grounded in reality. 

Recently the show released its fourth episode and fans become curious to know about its ending. So, here in this article, we will discuss about Citadel Episode 4 Ending.

In the fourth episode of the spy thriller series “Citadel” on Prime Video, the mystery becomes increasingly complicated.

With only two episodes left, the show spins more questions than it answers and leaves viewers wondering who the mole is who brought down the espionage organization. 

In the previous episode, Mason became concerned that Nadia might have been the one who had destroyed everything after speaking with an old friend.

He has no choice but to believe her at this time because it is a criminal’s word over hers. The fourth episode delves more deeply into each character’s past, particularly Abby’s, showing the true nature of her relationship with Citadel. Continue reading to know about the ending of Citadel Episode 4.

A Brief Recap Citadel Episode 4

Citadel Episode 4
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Carter, a second Citadel operative who made it through the collapse of the covert organization, is being held captive in the Manticore black site by Nadia and Mason.

He immediately accuses one of them of being to blame for all that has occurred to them upon seeing them.

We go back in time ten years before the fall during the flashback. Celeste Graham is invited by Nadia, who gives her a crucial mission.

Mason is skeptical of her and suspects Celeste may not be the best candidate for the position. When Celeste, who fled, ceases to report for weeks on end, he becomes more suspicious.

Mason storms the building after months pass without hearing from Celeste, spoiling her objective and asking a question that causes him to reevaluate all he believed he knew about Nadia.

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Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Happened In The Ending Of This Episode?

Citadel Episode 4

Citadel Episode 4 comes to a close with Carter having a confrontation with Mason. He knows precisely what transpired during the rescue operation. The ops team was given the secret mission to obtain the Oz Key by Nadia. 

Carter thinks that Mason is defending Nadia and that he made Celeste the victim of his mistake. Nadia might be the mole and now possess the Oz Key. 

Mason asks Carter what he has done to betray him in the present, but the agent was really talking about Nadia. He holds her responsible for his imprisonment and believes she is unreliable.

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Why Did Mason Decide To Remove Celeste’s Memories?

Citadel Episode 4

Before she collaborated with Nadia Sinh and ended up saving her life, Celeste Graham worked her way up through the ranks of the Citadel as a low-level agent.

Because Nadia thought she was worthy, she moved her up to the Tier 1 level. This implies that Celeste could be trusted with missions that were more important and perilous.

She has been given the mission of obtaining the Oz Key from the Silje brothers. She pretends to be someone else in order to seduce Anders and win his heart over to her side. 

After months of information gathering, Celeste successfully steals the Oz Key, but Danik catches her. He comes close to killing her, but the Citadel squad quickly storms the scene.

When Celeste asserts her innocence, Mason and Nadia start to argue. The Oz Key was stolen by Celeste and was found in her backpack by the Citadel crew.

The team chief received a text message from a Tier 1 officer asking them to steal the Key and bring it to the officer secretly. 

Being the sole person with access to everyone’s chats and calls, Carter found out about it. Mason came to the conclusion that Nadia was the one who wrote the message.

Mason didn’t pursue Celeste because he thought she was guilty when he did. He did it because he wanted to blame Celeste and was concerned that if she wasn’t killed, she might say or do something that would reveal what Nadia had done to others.

Well, everything he did was with the intention of saving Nadia.