Megalopolis Release Date: When Is It Coming?

The announcement of Megalopolis has generated considerable excitement among film enthusiasts.

Published: May 12th, 2023 2:38 am | Updated: May 12, 2023 2:38 am

When Is Megalopolis Coming? Well, Megalopolis, which is possibly Francis Ford Coppola’s most ambitious film, tells the narrative of an architect who, after an awful occurrence, wishes to reestablish New York City as a utopia.

The plot takes place in the aftermath of the event. In the 1980s, Coppola began composing the screenplay for his movie.

He spent years trying to make his dream movie, but in the end, he gave up because he was dissatisfied with the unpredictable nature of the film industry and Hollywood’s tendency for franchises.

However, the time has come for the director to start working on his dream project after a successful career in filmmaking. He has enough money to fully finance the movie and produce the spectacle he has always dreamed of thanks to his own financial resources.

Due to the director’s track record of producing visually gorgeous and fascinating movies, there is a lot of anticipation for the movie. 

Coppola will serve as both the screenwriter and director for Megalopolis, his ambitious project, displaying his own vision for the film.

The announcement of Megalopolis has generated considerable excitement among film enthusiasts, with details about the project being eagerly sought after. 

So, here in this article, we will discuss everything about this upcoming epic science fiction drama, Megalopolis including the release date, cast, plotline, and all other related updates.

Therefore, keep reading this article till the end to know everything about this upcoming drama “Megalopolis.”

Megalopolis Release Date: When Is It Coming?


It has not yet been disclosed when the film Megalopolis will be made available to the public. Viewers might have to wait a bit for the release of Megalopolis since Francis Ford Coppola wants it to be an iconic film. It is believed that the movie will be made available somewhere between the years 2024 and 2025. 

Thus, the next few years will be filled with excitement and anticipation around the release of what might be one of the best films of the 21st century.

With Coppola’s reputation for creating masterpieces and the buzz surrounding this film, it is sure to be an event that cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike won’t want to miss.

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What Is The Plotline Of Megalopolis?


Megalopolis, which will take place in modern-day America and have similarities to Roman epic films, will, however, be told with a focus on America rather than on Roman history.

The second Catiline Conspiracy, a dispute between Marcus Tullius Cicero and Roman senator Lucius Sergius Catilina, would serve as the basis for the narrative, according to Coppola.

Catalina devises a plan to remove Cicero with the assistance of a few unhappy Roman aristocrats, and they put their plan into action. 

The distressed government official in Megalopolis is the mayor of New York, who is fighting to keep his job in the midst of a financial crisis.

Despite the fact that it is very clear that New York is being represented, Megalopolis makes the city appear to be some kind of New Rome.

Even though the entire plot is not completely known, a significant portion of the storyline will revolve around an architect whose concept of a utopian city contends with that of a dishonest mayor who would prefer to keep things the way they are and then push the needle on the more progressive ideas proposed by the Architects. 

The director Francis Ford Coppola hopes to use this drama to refocus contemporary society’s attention on concerns related to environmental deterioration, inadequate urban planning, and inequality. Coppola is adamant that if contemporary society doesn’t acknowledge the realities of the changing times, the same problems that caused the Roman Empire to fall may easily occur.

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Who Are The Major Cast Members In Megalopolis?


The major cast members who will be seen portraying their roles in this upcoming epic science fiction drama include the following:

  1. Adam Driver will portray the role of Caesar
  2. Forest Whitaker
  3. Nathalie Emmanuel
  4. Jon Voight
  5. Laurence Fishburne
  6. Aubrey Plaza
  7. Jason Schwartzman
  8. Shia LaBeouf
  9. Talia Shire
  10. Grace VanderWaal
  11. Kathryn Hunter
  12. James Remar
  13. Chloe Fineman
  14. Madeleine Gardella
  15. Isabelle Kusman
  16. D. B. Sweeney
  17. Bailey Ives
  18. Dustin Hoffman
  19. Giancarlo Esposito

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When & Where Is Megalopolis Filming?

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Production on the movie Megalopolis got underway at Trilith Studios in Georgia at the beginning of November 2022.

It had been anticipated that filming would be completed around March 2023; however, there have been indications of production issues with the movie. In the beginning, the movie was planned to make use of the same LED virtual staging technology that was used in The Mandalorian; however, those ideas were ultimately canceled due to budgetary issues.

In addition to losing its production designer and chief supervising art director most recently, the movie apparently lost its entire visual effects crew at the beginning of December.

There is a substantial discussion about whether the movie can truly be finished because the budget has now been exceeded.

However, finally, it has been revealed that the movie Megalopolis will make its debut sometime in 2023.