Is The Tailor Season 2 Renewed By Netflix?

The series The Tailor has been officially renewed for a second installment.

Published: May 6th, 2023 2:54 am | Updated: May 6, 2023 2:54 am

When is the drama series The Tailor Season 2 coming? ‘The Tailor,’ a Turkish mystery drama series produced by Onur Güvenatam, is available on Netflix.

It centers on Peyami Dokumac, a charming and well-known young tailor who receives his grandfather’s lucrative tailoring business as well as some of his grandfather’s outstanding tailoring abilities. 

Following the demise of his grandfather, he makes the decision to secretly include his father, Mustafa, who possesses the mind of a kid, in his life. He does this without letting anyone else know about it.

The appearance of Esvet, a stunning customer and upcoming bride with a bag of secrets of her own, adds even another layer of complexity to Peyami’s life.

Esvet’s wedding dress is being made by the tailor, but he is additionally putting some of his heart into hers.

The Turkish actors who star in the thriller series, which previously went by the name “Terzi,” include Cagatay Ulusoy, Salih Bademci, Sifanur Gul, Olgun Simsek, and Ece Sükan. The action drama is set in Istanbul and other magnificent sites.

However, the conclusion of the first season does not shed any light on the many questions that have been raised about Peyami and Esvet. Because of this, viewers of the Turkish drama series must be wondering whether or not a subsequent episode will bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion.

So, here in this article, we will discuss everything about the potential second season of the series The Tailor Season 2.

Is The Drama Series The Tailor Renewed For Season 2?

The Tailor Season 2
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On May 2, 2023, the first season of ‘The Tailor’ was made available to stream on Netflix. The first season consists of seven episodes that last between 35 and 45 minutes each.

The streaming service released each episode of season 1 at the same time. The series was originally slated to premiere on TV8.

However, Netflix was able to acquire the worldwide distribution rights for the series, which resulted in the show’s premiere on the streaming service. 

The first season of the show was met with mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances and plot twists but criticized the underdeveloped characterization.

We have some excellent news for the show’s viewers regarding the possibility of a second season. The second edition of the series has been confirmed to receive an official green light for production. 

In addition, it has come to light that the vast majority of the actors and actresses who appeared in the first season of the drama series The Tailor will return for the second season of the show to continue playing the parts they played in the first season.

The second season of the show will also feature the addition of Berrak Tüzünataç, a new actress, in an unspecified role.

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The Tailor Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

The Tailor Season 2
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The second season’s filming is said to have started in June 2022 and ended in late August 2022. In addition, Netflix has added a teaser for the second part of the series to the conclusion of the first season, which serves as confirmation that post-production work on additional episodes has already begun. And possibly a third. 

Despite this, the streaming giant has not yet provided a release date for the second season of the show.

Even so, if season 2’s filming is complete, it’s possible that the release of the brand-new episodes won’t be delayed for long. Therefore, we should expect to see the release of season 2 of ‘The Tailor’ sometime in early 2024.

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Recap Of The Tailor Season 1

The Tailor Season 2
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The plot of the first season of ‘The Tailor’ focuses on Peyami Dokumac’s efforts to keep his father’s mental illness a secret from the outside world.

However, Esvet, the fiancée of Peyami’s best friend, Dimitri, unwittingly makes her way into Peyami’s life, wanting to escape an abusive relationship.

In the end, Peyami and Esvet realize that they have feelings for one other, which causes Dimitri to confront them, which ultimately results in Peyami being shot in the chest by accident.

The first season comes to an abrupt close on a cliffhanger, with Peyami’s life settling in the balance.

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What To Expect From The Tailor Season 2?

The Tailor Season 2
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The second season will most likely begin sometime after season one ends, while Peyami recovers from her wound.

Esvet is probably going to end up with Peyami, and the teaser suggests that Dimitri will stop trying to get her.

However, things are set to grow more problematic as a result of Esvet’s attempt to conceal from Dimitri that she has secretly married Peyami’s father, Mustafa. 

The marriage could cause a rift between Peyami and Esvet once the truth is revealed because he is not aware of it.

In addition, the mother of Peyami left him without explanation, and Esvet’s real parents remain a mystery. The fact that Ari, Dimitri’s father, wants Esvet’s fortune, could also cause issues for Esvet and Peyami. 

The teaser also features a new woman entering Peyami’s life and Peyami cheating on Esvet with her. Peyami and Esvet appear to be keeping other secrets, some of which may turn out to be the result of their actions.