Slasher Season 5 Ending Explained

Slasher Season 5 is released today, and here are the details you might have missed about the series. Each successive episode of Slasher: Flesh and Blood has been outrageously over-the-top, campy, gory, and just a fantastic experience.

The killings are horrific and vicious, the personalities ranged from terrifying to being too nice for this world, and there were several twists and turns to look forward to.

The killings are horrific and vicious, the personalities ranged from terrifying to being too nice for this world, and there were several twists and turns to look forward to.

Now that a brand new season has come here is a detailed explanation of Slasher Season 4.

If you haven’t seen the full season, turn back now because we’re about to share the greatest Slasher: Flesh and Blood spoilers.

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Who was The Gentleman Killer in Slasher Season 5?

Slasher Season 5
Father Son Holy Gor

It later turned out that the killer who was dropping bodies like flies all across the island is somebody we assumed had died earlier in the show, Dr. Trinn.

In an unexpected turn of events, we learn that Spencer played by David Cronenberg paid Trinn to murder the losers all through the tournament. Trinn had previously been somewhat of a Dr. Death, with many malpractice cases under her belt.

Then he put her on trial by making her murder O’Keefe’s biological dad, an artist with whom Florence had a love relationship in the past.

We learn that Trinn placed Merle’s corpse in the woodchipper and then feigned to tumble into it when Florence hurled a log at her.

She then hid her jewelry so the victims would believe it was her body they discovered in the woods.

Trinn then proceeded to murder every person on the island only until Theo, Vincent, and Liv survived. Vincent eventually killed Trinn in a fury after she taunted that she had weird mysteries about all 3 of them which would surface if she died without returning with an heir.

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Who will win the game of Slasher: Flesh and Blood?

Slasher Season 5
1428 Elm

With Trinn gone, the final 3 survivors are in a state of turmoil. Vincent and Theo’s feud reaches a boiling point as Vincent attempts to kill his brother. But, Theo gains the advantage and brutally murders his brother by slicing his skull in half.

Theo and Liv then assume they can acquire and split the fortune, but Theo begins making strange, classist remarks that become increasingly frightening as he speaks.

Ultimately, Theo divulges the great “secret” that Trinn alluded to before, that  He was intoxicated and crashed his automobile into a creche when he was younger. Spencer compensated all of the families of the deceased children.

Instead of expressing regret, Theo concedes that the entire situation may have been good because those parents were pleased with the cash, and Spencer persuaded him to look on the bright side of things. It’s disgusting, and it suggests that Theo has more of Spencer’s crazy nature in him than he previously thought.

A shocked Liv kills Theo as he’s resting in her embrace, breaking his neck and leaving her as Spencer’s only heir. Liv sets the scene to make it look as though Trinn slaughtered everyone before eventually leaving.

She comes back later, now pregnant with Theo’s child, to handle the house. Liv discloses to her broker that she’s expecting a girl, which she’s relieved about since she’s not sure she could bear looking into the face of a kid who may resemble Spencer, Theo, or Vincent.

Liv gets a glimpse of all the Galloway family members gazing at her as she takes her place at the top of the table and speaks about how she knows how desperation can cause people to do awful things in the last moments of the finale. Is this a sign that Liv may one day become as wicked as Spencer?