Jennifer Garner Seen Receiving Son Samuel From School!

Jennifer Garner was recently seen with her 11-year-old son Samuel. We have seen a lot of celebrities spending their time with children whenever they get out of their busy schedules.

Whether it is related to giving them company on school days or just having a proper vacation for the whole family, everything counted in this category.

And that’s the reason why we see them being very grounded with their child, like any usual parents. That’s what recently happened with a lot of celebrities who are seen either leaving their children at school or picking them up from the same place.

The actress Jennifer Garner was recently seen with her 11-year-old son Samuel. This kind of outing came almost after a day when the actress who has seen with her 17-year-old daughter Violet.

The outing is related to her picking up her son from the school where the actress was seen in casual attire. At first, on the same day, she was seen dropping him off at school and later receiving him from the same place.

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Jennifer Garner looked concerned for her son Samuel.

Jennifer Garner

If we talk about the outfit then Jennifer Garner was seen wearing a dark blazer with dark pants. She also carries a graphic t-shirt with a graphic print while holding the hand of an 11-year-old kid.

While on the other hand, Samuel was seen wearing a Polo green t-shirt while matching it with blue sweatpants and sneakers. He was seen holding a bag on his back which must be including some School stuff.

It was not long ago when Garner was seen with her 17-year-old daughter Violet. They both were out for a normal outing in the town in casual outfits. The 17-year-old boy was seen very much like her mother, however, she is now officially taller than the actress herself.

The actress was also seen wearing a t-shirt of Polo and a blazer for the day. While on the other hand, her daughter is wearing a plated skirt and a blazer with a t-shirt. They both were seen going makeup free for the day.

Coming to the whole modern family of Jennifer Garner with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck then it is going pretty well with the kids. The married couple that is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are now with all their five children under a roof which is nothing less than a dream come true.