The Pokémon Concierge Official Teaser Released By Netflix

In commemoration of Pokémon Day 2023, The Pokémon Company has announced that it will produce the stop-motion anime series Pokémon Concierge.

In celebration of Pokémon Day 2023, it will produce the stop-motion anime series Pokémon Concierge. Pokémon Concierge’s teaser trailer has been released by Netflix.

Where can I watch Pokémon Concierge?

The next anime will be available on. Netflix, just as Pokémon Journeys and previous Pokémon movies. Whether the show will appear on any other platforms is unknown at this time.

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What is the plot and storyline of Pokémon Concierge?

The Pokémon Concierge

The show’s synopsis reads, “Haru, a young lady at the Pokémon Resort, and her encounters with Pokémon and their owners who come to the resort as guests.” would be the focus of the show.

It is uncertain if it takes place in the same world as the well-known anime series starring Ash and his pal Pikachu, but it’s essentially a kid-friendly rendition of The White Lotus.

Pokémon Concierge, a totally new visual and storytelling experience with ground-breaking stop-motion animation based in the Pokémon universe in close collaboration with the Pokémon Company, is anticipated to excite fans in Japan and throughout the world.

Pokémon Concierge’s concept suggests that it will be a totally different narrative from Ash and his companions’ travels across the world in their own program.

The Pokémon anime did succeed, though, when it demonstrated how the protagonists took things slowly and told short slice-of-life stories; it is likely that this new spin-off will have a similar degree of success when it is told on its own.

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Who will appear on Pokémon Concierge’s list of Pokémon?

The Pokémon Concierge
The Verge

No more characters from the series have been disclosed outside the main character Haru and her friend Psyduck.

Psyduck believes that given Pikachu’s popularity and prominence inside the Pokémon brand, the latter should act as the show’s mascot, just like it does for Ash’s anime series.

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When will Pokémon Concierge be released?

The Pokémon Concierge

The series currently has no release date; the teaser video only mentions that it will be “coming soon.” As Pokémon Concierge is an anime, it’s likely that the Japanese-subtitled version will be published before the English-subtitled version.

Although it’s still too early to predict when each version of the series will be released, such a release schedule would be comparable to that of the main anime.

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Who may be expected to join the cast and crew of the new Pokemon series?

The Pokémon Concierge

Little is known about the actors in this stop-motion show. The original anime hired some of the best voice actors to bring its characters to life, so it seems likely that fans may recognize some of the voices even if there are currently no English or Japanese voice actors named for the program.