Here Is Why One Should Watch Upcoming American Born Chinese Series Of Michelle Yeoh!

American Born Chinese drama series is right now in talk related to its release and caste. There is a lot of series waiting for their…

Published: March 16th, 2023 4:23 am | Updated: March 16, 2023 4:23 am

American Born Chinese drama series is right now in talk related to its release and caste. There is a lot of series waiting for their release as they are very much popular among fans because of their production and the way story is crafted.

Some of them are based upon the previous series or the movie released by others based on novels or book series as well as real-life events. When we go with particular book series then there are some coming in a few weeks or days.

Among them is American Born Chinese which is a graphic novel series by Gene Luen Yang. It has recently been adapted into a 10-episode series on Disney+.

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American Born Chinese Storyline and More

American Born Chinese
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The story follows three amazing and unique characters: Jin Wang is a Chinese-American boy. He struggles with his identity and many other things like home and life. The second one is the Monkey King who is a mythical character from Chinese folklore. And the third is Danny who is a white American boy.

The series comes with a common theme of identity, emotions, and cultural differences in a way that appears both entertaining and thoughtful.

It explores the experiences of Chinese immigrants and their children or grandchildren living in America. The story also goes with the misunderstandings between different cultures and races.

The best thing about the series is its comedy or one can see its humor. One of the examples can be seen in an episode where the character Monkey King tries to impress a group of gods.

He tries to do it by performing various feats, but instead of leaving an impression it later on results in humiliation. It can be seen as a metaphor present in the series which is going between some races of the world.

It is also related to the way life is presented in the current time where media has become the focus. It can be seen when Jin Wang is embarrassed by none other than his father who was trying to get a perfect English accent but later on resulted in the opposite.

One can watch the series on Disney which is going to release in May 2023. It is under the subscription which can easily be available on the channel. Most importantly it is the amalgamation of two amazing actors who recently won the Oscars and that is Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan.