Kris Jenner Featured In Meghan Trainor’s Mother Music Video!

Kris Jenner was looking glamorous as ever in the music video for Megan Trainor. There are a lot of celebrities who joined the business industry to remain behind the camera.

But at the same time, they want to show their lifestyle which is very interesting for the fans. And because of the same reason, it was converted into a whole reality show which was liked by all around the globe.

And if we talk about such things then one name comes to our mouth and that is Kardashians.

Talking to the one who is running properly for years then it is the mother of 5 amazing beauties of the world that is Kris Jenner. Apart from her business and fashion, she recently became the talk of the town while featuring in a music video.

The mother of 6 children was there as the main star of a music video done by Meghan Trainor. This music video is named Mother which is the latest offering of the singer to the reality star.

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Here you can check out Kris Jenner’s Featured In the Music Video.

Coming to look then Kris Jenner looked fabulous in her old-style avatar where she kept blonde hair. She was seen wearing a white gown with puffed sleeves while matching it with diamond jewelry and earrings.

Coming to the makeup then it was on the point while she carried black eyeshadow for the day.

The reality star was seen singing the lyrics of the song which goes “I am your mother, you listen to me.” Coming to the other look Kris Jenner then she opted for a black dress coming with a full sleeve and again in a necklace.

The music video is directed by Charm LeDonna that shows the sweetest moment of the reality star.

Coming to Meghan Trainor then she recently announced her second pregnancy. The singer said how she was excited to announce this news to her fans and delivered: “I’m beyond excited to finally share ‘Mother’ with the world!

This song is my response to being in the industry for almost a decade now and still finding myself in situations where I am talked down to or made to feel like my opinion isn’t valid.”

She concluded and said: “It’s for anyone who is in a situation where they feel like they are being mansplained to and want to take their power back.”