Pete Davidson Met With Accident After Enjoying Hawaii Vacation With Chase Sui Wonders!

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders drive into a scary car accident after coming from their Hawaii vacation.

There were a lot of celebrities who recently went on a perfect vacation with their loved ones. Sometimes it is with their partner or other time it is with their friends and family.

Talking about any such then there is a certain spot which is considered to be one of the most favorite for all as a vacation trip. Among them is Hawaii where a lot of celebrities in Hollywood have great moments of joy and fun.

One such is the newly formed couple of Hollywood named Chase Wonders and Pete Davidson. They both were recently seen in Hawaii which was followed by a steamy kiss.

But after this vacation, an unfortunate car accident happened right in front of the couple. The comedian was just behind The wheel of the car which crashed into the side. He was with his girlfriend who was in the front seat of the vehicle at the time when the accident happened.

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Here Is more about Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders’ Car Crash.

Pete Davidson
Just Jared

According to the report, the accident happened at 11:00 p.m. and was first said to be a crash. According to some sources Pete Davidson was driving at a high rate of speed in Beverly Hills.

He instantly jump the sidewalk and slammed his car into the house. Police had not provided any further information related to the accident and whether the comedian is involved in it or not.

Police have also not confirmed whether any property in the city was damaged due to this or not. However different pictures show that there was great harm to the vehicle of Davidson and the same was followed by one part of the house.

Coming to the car then it was a Mercedes which completely smashed from the driverside. Luckily no one got injured in this accident. It is also reported that there was not any kind of suspect related to alcohol or drugs getting involved in this accident.

This accident happened almost a day after Davidson and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders spent an amazing time in Hawaii. They were linked together since January 2023 after Pete Davidson got separated from Emily Ratajkowski.