Call Me Chihiro Ending Explained: Did Chihiro Quit The Bento Store?

The film “Call Me Chihiro,” which was directed by Rikiya Imaizumi and is based on the Hiroyuki Yasuda manga “Chihiro San,” is a “Slice of…

Published: March 6th, 2023 4:45 am | Updated: March 6, 2023 4:45 am

The film “Call Me Chihiro,” which was directed by Rikiya Imaizumi and is based on the Hiroyuki Yasuda manga “Chihiro San,” is a “Slice of Life” that primarily focuses on the day-to-day activities of a lady named Chihiro.

We get a glimpse of Chihiro’s feelings and daily life as she interacts with various characters in the film. The actor who played Chihiro, Kasumi Arimura, did an outstanding job portraying the character and perfectly conveyed her emotions, making the film worth a second viewing.

Both manga and anime fans will enjoy “Call Me Chihiro,” which perfectly captures the spirit of the Slice of Life genre.

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Call Me Chihiro Ending Explain.

Call Me Chihiro
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Let’s Take A Look At Understanding the final explanation.

Chihiro attempts to take in the world, the oceans, and its beauty, but all it does is leave her feeling empty. However, she could genuinely embrace herself because of the tiny things her customer had said to her while working as a s*x worker.

That is because they are aliens from other worlds; humans can only communicate with those from their planet and cannot comprehend those from other planets.

This sentence becomes particularly poignant in the movie’s last few minutes because Chihiro could feel herself detaching and instead chose to observe other people’s enjoyment with the people they connected with while pondering what real happiness felt like.

She was aware of how thinking about how it might feel influenced her loneliness and led her to go since she did not want to diminish others’ joy. It also implied that her time with others nearby had ended because she suddenly observed rather than actively participated in their lives.

Chihiro found Tae to be the most relatable and understanding person. They sensed that Chihiro should leave and go somewhere else where she might keep running into herself.

So Chihiro left the business to go to a farm, where she intends to start a new life and look for a connection.

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How does Chihiro affect the lives of those who are close to her?

Call Me Chihiro

Call Me Chihiro only wrap up some plot lines or settle some problems since it’s a slice-of-life film. Instead of emphasizing clear conclusions, the movie focuses on the characters and how they have changed and will presumably continue to do so even after the story’s conclusion.

Although Okaji still has problems with her parents, she is relieved to be able to have a hot supper at Makoto’s place, which makes her cry. Makoto discovers new methods to communicate with his working mother, who values and acknowledges him even more for who he is.

Chihiro does discourage Basil from going after Utsumi, but they continue to get along well and appear to keep running into one another.

Chihiro gets Tae out and takes her on a drive the day before her hospital discharge. They find the sound of rain exhilarating as they sit in the car and listen. Chihiro remembers Tae and the night she arrived in town after quitting her job.

Tae had included free chicken in her bento despite the rain. She claims she realized Tae was from the same planet as her at that very time. After the first Chihiro, the second person could make her feel that way.

Chihiro also shares with Tae her mother’s passing and how she was emotionless. She claims she could have been different if she had been born Tae’s daughter. Instead, Tae gives her a deep embrace and tells her she is beautiful just as she is.