Zendaya Rocked SAG Awards With Rose Strapless Gown!!

Zendaya rocked SAG Awards with a strapless pink gown and short hair. We have seen certain celebrities coming with the best of the fashion they have presented in the time to showcase on the red carpet.

And if the perfect opportunity arrives with the award function or any perfect event then no one can help them to come to the headlines.

Whether it is related to the makeup or the dress or even to the accessories, everything is noted with the brand and also with the color and qualities.

The same happened recently with the actress Zendaya. She was recently seen at the SAG awards on 26 February 2023. The actress made a huge grand entrance on the red carpet with her strapless dress full of roses.

Coming to the detail of the dress then it was baby pink in color and its upper part was of a corset while the lower is totally like a bouquet.

Coming with the hairstyle then it is more of a bob hairstyle where her diamond necklace was fitting well. The actress turned very naturally with her makeup and with accessories. She went with a matching bracelet and heels.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Zendaya from SAG Awards 2023.

It was not just one look that Zendaya carried at the award function. Coming inside this function then the actress changed into a black and blue strapless gown.

It’s been many months ever since she has given an appearance on the red carpet. And that’s the reason why fans were waiting for her to come like a Queen.

A lot of people were expecting her to arrive at Golden Globes however because of her busy schedule, Zendaya was not able to attend.

She won The Best Actress In The Drama Series category and that’s the reason why came on Instagram to share her appreciation with fans. The actress called herself privileged to be named beside all the nominees as she admires them deeply.

Zendaya wrote: “Thank you to my Euphoria family, without you, none of this is possible. Lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has allowed Rue into theirs.”

“I think everyone knows how much she means to me, but the fact that she can mean something to someone else is a gift. I’m honestly at a loss for words as I type this, all I can say is thank you.” the actress continued.