Euphoria Season 3 to Take Longer than Expected Due to Zendaya.

Why Euphoria Season 3 is being delayed? Here you can check out the details, you need to know. As soon as Euphoria was released, it immediately…

Published: February 28th, 2023 3:14 am | Updated: February 28, 2023 3:14 am

Why Euphoria Season 3 is being delayed? Here you can check out the details, you need to know. As soon as Euphoria was released, it immediately became the conversation topic of every gen z group. Cool lifestyle, lots of drugs, love, rage, and emotions are the words that define Euphoria the best.

The latest news that is revolving around the teen drama is that Euphoria season 3 will take a little bit longer to release than what was expected. But why? Read the article further to get your answers.

After the huge success of Euphoria season 2, the makers must be pretty excited to release the 3rd season of their best project to date. This is because Euphoria was definitely liked by all the teenagers and even adults out there.

But it seems like season 3 will not be available this easily. After all, successful stuff is always faced with consequences in the end.

But what is the reason for this delay? Is the series under reshooting? Or editing? Or is there a management complication that the makers are difficult to solve?

Well whatever the reason, being a Euphoria fan, you must be pretty excited to know more about it. So here’s the reason why Euphoria season 3 is going to take longer than expected.

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Why Euphoria Season 3 Will Be Delayed?

Euphoria Season 3
Harper’s Bazaar

Euphoria reached everyone’s eye pretty quickly because of its meme-worthy scenes, controversial storyline, use of explicit materials, and its impressive cast.

That is why fans were not surprised to see season 2 or even to hear the news about season 3. But after 2 very quick seasons, it looks like the 3rd one will take a little time to finally hit your OTT screens. Why? Here’s why.

Vogue interviewed Euphoria star Maude Apatow in which she discussed the filming of season 3. She shared that shooting will not start until the latter half of 2023.

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When Will Euphoria Season 3 Drop?

Euphoria Season 3
The Ringer

When asked about the plot of season 3, Maude Apatow seemed kind of clueless as she still has to receive the script. She said the following words while talking about it,

“I honestly don’t know a single thing. We should be getting scripts and hearing about next season soon-ish, but I’m totally in the dark!”

Looks like Euphoria season 3 will arrive around mid-2024. Well, for most fans, it kind of seems pretty far away as they were pretty excited to get a new season this particular year.