Sakamoto Days Chapter 108 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

After everything that transpired in chapter 107, the comedy action manga Sakamoto Days will return with chapter 108 the following week, and we can’t seem…

Published: February 24th, 2023 6:58 am | Updated: February 24, 2023 6:58 am

After everything that transpired in chapter 107, the comedy action manga Sakamoto Days will return with chapter 108 the following week, and we can’t seem to control our excitement to read the new chapter.

We are rather certain that we are in this together, so let us not waste any more time and provide you with all the facts that you are here for in relation to chapter 108 of Sakamoto Days.

One of the best hitmen of all time was thought to be Taro Sakamoto. He was superb, and all hitmen revered and feared him. Sakamoto did, however, fall in love with a girl who had previously worked at a convenience store one day.

He took his retirement, got married, and started a family all at the same time. Sakamoto eventually gained weight and began working at a convenience shop to support himself and his family.

Sakamoto, who is now referred to as an “ex-hitman,” was given the opportunity to return to the world of hitmen by Shin Asakura, a current hitman.

Shin Asakura is tasked with killing Sakamoto after the former Hitman World member was unable to persuade the latter to join the organization. But, after becoming acquainted with Sakamoto’s family and spending some time with Sakamoto himself, he comes to the conclusion that he will look out for Sakamoto no matter what.

Asakura commits the worst mistake of his life by defying his boss, but Sakamoto’s talents lead him to believe otherwise, and he eventually realizes that he has made the right decision to stay with him.

To learn everything there is to know about the upcoming Sakamoto Days chapter 108, keep reading this post.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 108 Release Date, Time, and More

Sakamoto Days Chapter 108
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If there is no information regarding a delay for any reason, Sakamoto Day chapters are posted every Sunday. This means that you may expect to read chapter 108 on 26 February 2023.

Spoilers for Chapter 108

On February 24, 2023, the raw scans of Sakamoto Days Chapter 108 will be made available to the public. The team will receive an additional task to help determine whether they will pass or fail.

The information regarding the people was in the envelope, and the job was to assassinate the target. Hence, we will get the opportunity to see Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Aako search for the target they must kill.

Moreover, chapter 108 of the manga shows readers Sakamoto’s new techniques for killing the target.

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A Brief Recap of Chapter 107 of Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Chapter 107

During the events of the last chapter, everyone was having dinner with Sakamoto’s family. When Aoi inquires about their trip to Thailand, Shin replies that they are getting near to locating the enemy’s position.

Amane admitted that he still couldn’t believe he was talking with the famed Dragoon as they discussed their respective vocations.

Lu asks Heisuke if he is also going on the trip, and he tells her that he is going to tag along with them. Shin then reminds them that they should go together as a team because they are heading into the enemy’s area this time. Heisuke reminds Shin to bring his passport with him at all times.

Sakamoto assures Aoi that he knows basic English and will be fine when she inquires about their conversational abilities or whether any of them speak English. Heisuke admits he will utilize body language, while Shin claims he will read people’s emotions to get past them.

While Nagumo claims that he will become fluent in English and Thai throughout their flight, Lu asserts that he is already on a higher level. Nagumo queries the team as to why they are chasing X.

Shin reveals that the reason for this was originally because they wanted to eliminate the bounty that was placed on Sakamoto’s head. Yet when they followed the source, they ended up at X.

Nagumo asks them if X imposed the bounty, which is strange because why would he do it given that Sakamoto had no direct interaction with Uzuki while they were both students and that it would have been preferable to leave things alone if Sakamoto was going to stand in his way?

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Where Can You Read Chapter 108 Sakamoto Days?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 108
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Manga Plus and Viz will both soon have chapter 108 of Sakamoto Days available to read. The manga has been digitally published in English due to its widespread popularity, but non-English people are still unable to read it in their own language.

Hence, on Discord and other manga websites, you may find the scanlation of chapter 108 in your native language.

Nonetheless, in order to support the author’s efforts and guarantee that we continue to receive fantastic manga from them in the future, we advise reading the manga from official platforms.