Jennifer Lopez Jokes About Ben Affleck’s Grammy Face On Date!

Jennifer Lopez has recently talked about the happy face of Ben Affleck after Grammy 2023 date. We have seen how Grammy 2023 was a remarkable event that has broken many records.

Whether it is related to the red carpet appearance or even the winners, everything has got the highlight. All eyes were on the event which was ready to make history and indeed it has made so.

If we talk specifically about anything except these then the date of Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck has got a lot of attention.

The 53-year-old actress has recently come on her Instagram to share the latest movie trailer of her husband. She has joked about the 2023 Grammy where she called the face of her husband a happy face. The film is called AIR and Jennifer Lopez shared how excited she is about this movie.

As soon as she shared the trailer of this movie with 234 million followers on Instagram, a lot of comments started coming. One of the fans has talked about the lovely relationship between these two while another has talked about the caption of this video.

Other people have called her to caption Queen while some gave their attention to the actor.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck from Grammy Awards 2023.

Jennifer Lopez

If you are not updated or missed something then it is things related to the 65th Grammy Awards. The Grammy happened on 5 February 2023 where the married couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appeared in their best attire.

They both were seen sitting right next to each other as if it was a perfect date to be there. While on the other hand, people were appreciating the love between the couple, however, some called the actor very boring.

Some people even joke about that whatever it is bad but at least it is not miserable as Ben Affleck sitting at Grammy. While on the other hand, a lot of people started relating themselves to the actor.

It is not the first time that the actor has been dragged into all these situations. He is known for being an introvert almost everywhere he goes. One can see his batteries going down however, he definitely loved that Grammy night as he was right beside his wife.