Why Is Phoebe Dynevor Leaving Bridgerton After 2 Seasons?

The reason behind Phoebe Dynevor leaving Bridgerton has been revealed. We have seen a lot of celebrities moving on from their certain characters or certain roles after giving their best to their fans.

Whether it is related to films or series or any shows, these things affect not just fans but also celebrities at personal and professional levels. Talking in particular related to any series that is quite famous for its character and plot then Bridgerton has stood on all the expectations.

When the official announcement of Phoebe Dynevor leaving the series has come then it has given shocked many people. It is now officially confirmed that she would not be returning for season 3.

It was not long ago when the actress talked about upcoming storylines related to her character in the series. In whose reply she said that she would not be there in season 3 or there is not any kind of potential in the future. But in general, she is quite excited about season 3 as a view.

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Here Is Why Phoebe Dynevor Is Not Returning for Season 3.

Phoebe Dynevor 

The reason behind her leaving the series is her busy schedule. She made her debut through this television series but after that, the actress gained some major roles and appeared in amazing works like The Colour Room and the Bank of Dave.

Even though it is not revealed officially but according to some sources the actress has also signed some other project that would be released somewhere in the upcoming years.

Phoebe Dynevor is right now going with her filming schedule for a Spy thriller of Miramax. This thriller has named The Inheritance which may have some overlap with the third season of Bridgerton.

It was back in August 2022 when the actress has taken to Instagram and shared some beautiful pictures from the filming location of The Inheritance.

The filming location was fixed in Delhi and in South Korea which the actress called a beautiful ride. She is also excited to see what the makers have made by sharing some pictures of herself near the Taj Mahal.

The cast and crew of the inheritance are not officially confirmed however it is sure that it will be dealing with some crime and mystery.