Finn Wolfhard Teases Stranger Things Season 6

Stranger Things Season 5 has not been released yet, on the other hand, cast member Finn Wolfhard is teasing Season 6 of the series. There…

Published: January 27th, 2023 3:45 am | Updated: January 27, 2023 3:45 am

Stranger Things Season 5 has not been released yet, on the other hand, cast member Finn Wolfhard is teasing Season 6 of the series.

There is no question that fans are already anticipating Stranger Things Season 5. Stranger Things Season 5, the finale season, will include eight episodes and will begin production in May 2023.

And the audience simply cannot wait. Since this is going to be the last season, fans are excited as well as disappointed that this is going to be the last time they see their favorite characters.

However, Finn Wolfhard did drop some surprising news! Continue reading to know more.

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Here is what Finn Wolfhard says about Stranger Things Season 6.

Stranger Things Season 6
Radio Times

Another season after season 5 would be crazy, according to Finn Wolfhard, and absolutely needless. Finn Wolfhard has been in every single season of Stranger Things as the character of Mike Wheeler, so he understands exactly what will transpire in Season 5.

With that in consideration, the actor told Uproxx that, while he likes working on the show, he does not really believe that it should be renewed after the sixth season. He also felt that it would be unnecessary.

Finn stated that he wasn’t ready, but was extremely happy to get started after finishing the 4th season. “I was like, ‘Damn, we should just go back and shoot immediately.’

I just want to help complete it, but not in the sense that I want to be done with it,” Wolfhard explained. “It’s as if I’m curious about what occurs.” I’m upset about it,”  but, however, he does understand that this is the next part in their lives and change must happen.

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You can check out the interview here.

Finn Wolfhard, announced on the Tonight Show this week to tease his prophetic musings to host Jimmy Fallon.

While discussing the show, Wolfhard said that it would be a fantastic idea to launch a spin-off! The Duffers stared at each other, then at me, and said, “Could we speak to you for a sec?'” Wolfhard went on.

“And then they took me off, and they were like, “That is the concept. “Who informed you?” I said, “No one,” to which they replied, “What do you mean?” You simply thought of it? I replied, “Well, no, I just thought it would be a wonderful way for the franchise to grow.” It was quite humorous, and they said, ‘Okay, but… don’t tell anyone.'”

However, in an email to Variety, the Duffer brothers acknowledged that Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, was the only one who was aware of the spinoff’s top-secret premise.

“We are working on a concept for a spin-off that we’re extremely thrilled about, however, we haven’t informed anybody about it,” they explained.

The Duffer brothers stated that everyone, including Netflix, is going to be startled when they hear the premise because it’s so unique. But Finn Wolfhard, who is a tremendously clever child, accurately predicted what it was likely to be about. Except for Finn, nobody else knows!