Top 10 TV Shows Like NFL Tailgate Takedown, While you wait for Season 2

NFL Tailgate Takedown was released this year on 4th January 2023, and after seeing your love and support we’ve listed The Top 10 TV Shows Like the Series, you should give it a try.

On match day, 2 outstanding tailgating duos stand outside an NFL stadium, one promoting their home turf and the other supporting the visiting team.

NFL Tailgate Takedown, a six-part prime-time show, will transport fans to NFL grounds in the days leading up to the “big game.” The forthcoming culinary exhibition will feature New England crab cakes, Philadelphia cheesesteaks, Green Bay deep-fried cheese, Buffalo wings, and other “genuine tailgate” meals from each area.

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Here we’ve listed the Top 10 TV Shows that are comparable to NFL Tailgate Takedown.

1. Tailgate Takedown –  2010 ‧ 1 season

Tailgate Takedown
Yahoo News

Retired culinary school owner Joe Cahn has gone in a travel trailer to NASCAR racetrack, every NFL stadium, and hundreds of universities in search of the country’s greatest tailgaters since 1996. So he knows what to expect from “Tailgate Takedown,” wherein Cahn visits a new college stadium each week to put different teams of regional tailgaters against each other in a cooking battle.

Celebrity judges select the winner, who receives a $1,000 award, based on the taste, appearance, and functionality of the dishes at a tailgate party.

The episode also includes a tour of the teams’ decked-out trailers and an examination of the technology that enables these serious partygoers to build one-of-a-kind tailgate spreads.

2. Tiny Food Fight –  2021 ‧ 1 season

Tiny Food Fight

Darnell Ferguson and entertainer Mamrie Hart present the world’s largest little food competition, which features $5,000 and a small trophy.

3. Ultimate Recipe Showdown – 2008 ‧ 3 seasons

Ultimate Recipe Showdown
Food Network

The show, hosted by Guy Fieri, is divided into six sections: comfort food, party food, hot & spicy, burgers, cakes and desserts, and hometown favorites. Every week, three judges choose an “ultimate” winner who receives $20,000 in prize money.

4. Emeril Tailgates –  2022 ‧ 1 season

Emeril Tailgates

Football enthusiasts go to Emeril Lagasse‘s kitchens to learn how to create innovative tailgate delicacies that will impress their friends and family.

5. The Julia Child Challenge – 2022 ‧ 1 season

The Julia Child Challenge

8 home cooks compete in a variety of culinary tasks influenced by the late renowned chef Julia Child.

6. MasterChef – 2010 ‧ Reality ‧ 19 seasons

Digital Spy

Aspiring cooks from throughout the United States participate in weekly culinary competitions to hone their culinary abilities and earn the title of the “finest chef.”

7. Food Truck Face Off –  2021 ‧ 1 season

Food Truck Face Off
Food Network

This competition allows 4 teams to submit ideas to judges, who choose two to compete in a battle to determine each team’s potential. The trucks are tested on the streets on the first day. The one with the best cuisine, service, and presentation advances to the next round, which includes local trucks to toughen the competition.

The team with the highest earnings after two days wins a food cart for a year. The panel also includes radio presenter Steak Shapiro and restaurateur Alpana Singh, in addition to rotating guest judges. Jesse Palmer, a former professional football player, hosts the show.

8. Fire Masters – 2019 ‧ Food reality television ‧ 5 seasons

Fire Masters

Groups of open-flame cooking enthusiasts compete in three culinary tasks for a chance to win $10,000 as well as the honor of Fire Master.

9. Grill Of Victory – 2021 ‧ 1 season

Grill Of Victory
Food Network

In order to acquire the prestigious title, aspirant cooks from around America participate in a sequence of culinary challenges.

10. Kitchen Hero –  2011 ‧ 2 seasons

Kitchen Hero
Donal Skehan

It really doesn’t take many years of burned recipes or expensive schools and apprenticeships to go from 0 to hero in the kitchen. Simply ask Donal Skehan, a self-taught home chef that turned his passion for food into a successful profession as the world’s greatest cookbook writer and TV chef.

Skehan, who was born in Ireland, breaks down the cooking process to emphasize the enjoyable, social component of food, in addition to the gratification that comes from preparing for and dining with friends.

He cooks on car trips, birthday parties, candlelit dinners, barbecues, and other events, teaching future kitchen heroes how to create quick, easy, and great cuisine while having fun.