You People (2023) Netflix Original Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Other Details

You People is all set to be released this month in January 2023, and here are the latest updates you need to know about the movie.

Seeing many generations of talented actors or actresses collaborate on a film or television show is always excellent. Think of Robert Redford and Brad Pitt in the underrated Tony Scott CIA adventure Spy Game.

Or Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in the dark comedy Funny People, directed by Judd Apatow. With their next movie, You People, Netflix will showcase 40 years of comedic expertise while venturing into some delicate ground.

Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill, two of comedy’s top performers and probably the funniest of their age will co-direct this film. The film has the opportunity to delve deeply into the significant racial problems that, regrettably, have persisted from generation to generation and are still making news today.

It resembles a racially altered version of the Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner classic starring Sydney Poitier and a freeze-frame of the ignorance and obliviousness still pervasive in 2023. Based on the trailer, the novel’s tone by authors Hill and Kenya Barris is on the lighter side of a complex subject.

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The Plot of You People

You People

Jonah Hill plays 30-year-old Ezra Cohen in the movie You People. He is a lonely and lovesick man. He serves as the archetypal “can’t seem to catch a break” character in many romantic comedies. By accident, he encounters Amira Mohammed and physically into her vehicle, thinking she is his Uber driver.

The uncomfortable meeting develops into a date and, finally, the relationship that Ezra has been yearning for. Ezra wants to propose to Amira, and since he’s a traditional and devout man, he asks her parents for their blessing beforehand.

Eddie Murphy, a comic powerhouse, is introduced. You, People, will include a significant amount of the two social issues that Murphy and Hill often discuss, Blackness and Jewishness, allowing for an even more unique blending of humorous stories and broader themes. Barris spoke with Complex about this.

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 The Cast of You People

You People
Netflix Plans

The remainder of the ensemble, which includes Hill as the Ezra above, is strong enough to stand independently. Murphy portrays Akbar Mohammed as a sincere and devoted Muslim.

Nia Long and Lauren London play his wife, Fatima, and their daughter and future bride, Amira, respectively. Moving on to Ezra’s family, Julia-Louis Dreyfus will portray Shelley Cohen, one half of the dynamic team from The X-Files, and David Duchovny will play Arnold Cohen, Ezra’s struggling woke parents.

Together, Hill and the film’s debutant director Kenya Barris wrote the screenplay for the movie. His writing for Black-ish, Coming 2 America, and Shaft is well recognized (2019). By pairing these two talents, we anticipate some fantastic comedy writing from You People. Barris gave Complex further information about the cooperation.

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Release Date

You People

As an actor noted for his ability to switch between humor and seriousness, Hill’s versatility may be explored in this film.

You, People, could be a highly authentic and meaningful cinematic experience if you add some genuinely accomplished comic and dramatic credentials from people like Murphy, Louis-Dreyfus, and Duchovny. On January 27, You People will be accessible on Netflix.