Koala Man: Animated Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

The upcoming animated superhero series, Koala Man, has now been given a release date. Are you excited?

Interesting animated series Koala Man is releasing on January 9th, 2023. The news comes solely from Hulu, with the series set to star Logan and Deadpool 3 star Hugh Jackman beside YOLO: Crystal Fantasy star Michael Cusack as the nominal Koala Man.

“Koala Man follows middle-aged dad Kevin and his nominal not-so-private recognition, whose only hegemony is a flaming passion for following orders and extinguishing minor crime in the town of Dapto,” the official outline for the animated series reads.

“Though it may seem like any other Australian suburb, the power of evil both heavenly and man-made lie in wait to leap on unknowing Daptonians. On a search to clean up his hometown, and frequently tieing his vexed family into his adventures, Koala Man stands at the ready. He’ll do anything it takes to loss of villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: jerks who don’t take their trash bins down on the proper days.”

Koala Man is from Aussie creator/animator Michael Cusack who will also voice the titular hero and his son, Liam. The series has some outstanding credits to its name and is being professionally produced by Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and Pokemon: Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. Michael Cowap also obeys as executive producer.

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Koala Man Cast Members

Koala Man

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman will be cast in Koala Man as Big Greg, the most popularly liked man in the town of Dapto. The chief of the Town Council, former host of Australia’s third most liked the fishing show, “Fishing Big with Big Greg,” and Koala Man’s boss, Big Greg likes taking praise for the superhero’s heroic attempts. Jackman’s role in Koala Man presents the beloved actor’s first major role in an animated series.

Demi Lardner stars as  Kevin and Vicky’s daughter Alison; Michael Cusack and Hugh Jackman in Koala Man are the likes of Sarah Snook, who stars as Kevin’s wife, Rachel House as Janine, Vicky’s friend and co-worker at the school canteen, and Jemaine Clement, who plays as principal Bagwell, who is always ready with an inspiring song for the students; Louise, the owner of the local bowling club who has a deep, and some would say unexplainable, the attractiveness of Koala Man and Jarrad Wright, who will voice Spider, Kevin’s uncivilized best friend, and sort-of sidekick to Koala Man, chiefly when he requires an illegal weapon to carry out his duties.

In the series we will also see The Lord of the Rings stars Miranda Otto and Hugo Weaving made guest appearances on the series. Otto, who is popularly known for characters in the likes of The Lord of the Rings franchise and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will voice the sweet koala cub Mindy, with whom Koala Man shares a fellowship.

Meantime, The Matrix star Hugo Weaving will deliver the voice of King Amadeus, “the clever and noble king of Australia’s emus.”