Loona Announced Their Comeback Postponement.

The South Korean girl group Loona which was supposed to make their comeback has announced its postponement.

Earlier it was announced that the group will not hold any press or fan showcase for their comeback album and now it has been announced that they will postpone their comeback.

The group was supposed to make their comeback on January 3 as per the schedule but now they have postponed it. Loona’s agency BlockBerry Creative has released an official statement related to the postponement of the comeback.

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The given statement by Loona’s Agency BlockBerry Creative is as follows:


“Hello, this is BlockBerry Creative.

We would want to start by apologizing to Orbit for any worries our agency’s different concerns may have caused. We apologize profusely for making the audience viewing [this circumstance] tired.

We came to the conclusion that [LOONA’s] comeback efforts would be pointless while many issues about the members’ circumstances are still unresolved after considering the opinions of many people, including Orbit.

Consequently, it has been decided to postpone “The Origin Album [0]” by LOONA, which was meticulously created by 11 members and set for publication on January 3, 2023, indefinitely.

Additionally, we would like to explain the many problems to Orbit and the other LOONA supporters.

It required a lot of work over a lengthy period of time to complete LOONA.

Following the planning and formation of LOONA, [the group] was faced with countless expenses that were difficult for a small or mid-sized business to manage, but we persevered because we naturally believed that the agency should be responsible for covering the costs of upfront investment.

Additionally, there are a lot of misconceptions and conjectures about pay settlement-related difficulties. In the end, the agency has always felt sorry for the LOONA members because it hasn’t been able to make a profit for a very long time.

LOONA’s achievement was a near-impossible undertaking that required the agency’s investment and efforts without a guarantee that it would reach a break-even point and the members’ trust and sacrifices while believing in [the company].

This was a careless challenge from a little, lacking firm, but this year, six years after beginning our initial debut project, the waiting and efforts of the members who trusted such a company had eventually led them to find a glimmer of optimism.

Although it would be wonderful for LOONA to be seen by the public as a unit, a huge girl group’s characteristic of inevitably having one member become well-known first led the agency to decide to support and applaud the person who had achieved this status.

Although we wanted all the members to move on as a unit, a former member’s behavior, unfortunately, started to shift in the opposite direction of what we had anticipated.

Due to this, the agency agreed to take on the risk of an initial investment, we agreed to alter the terms of the contract for the benefit of the future, and we made every effort to protect LOONA. Unfortunately, as is well known, we came to an unfortunate conclusion.

No matter how successful or unsuccessful LOONA’s production is, or how many times it is tried, as a small or mid-sized agency, we are proud to have made history with LOONA.

Of course, our agency’s shortcomings are to blame for the entire chain of events, and we should accept appropriate accountability. Nevertheless, we must continue our efforts to protect LOONA no matter what, as well as our joint efforts to achieve our dream.

Furthermore, we are well aware that we can only achieve the dream with the help of Orbits and many other people.

We’ll make it such that LOONA’s supporters can all enthusiastically support her. Once more, we humbly apologize to everyone and ask that you help us continue to believe in LOONA and her future.

Thank you.”