Top 10 TV Shows Like NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Part 2

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Part 2/ Episode 9 held fans riveted with nail-biting secret investigations critical to national security, so it’s no wonder that you’d be looking for comparable shows to watch after bingeing the entire season.

Well, look no further because this list has some of the greatest suggestions for movies and TV series comparable to NCIS: Los Angeles.

It definitely depends on your mood, but if you’re seeking even more detective drama influenced by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, NCIS is a police procedural that you’ll almost certainly enjoy if you like NCIS: Los Angeles.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Part 2/ Episode 9 is all set to be released on 3rd January 2023, till then you can watch these Top 10 TV Shows Like the series.

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Until we get any updates, we have a list of tv shows similar to NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Part 2.

1. Breaking Bad IMDB: 9.5 | 5 Seasons

Breaking Bad

After Walter White, a chemistry instructor in New Mexico is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given just 2 years to live. As he embraces the deadly world of drugs and crime, he develops a fearless attitude and an unwavering drive to protect his family’s financial life at whatever cost.

Breaking Bad Season 5 is the last season, rather there is another series Better Call Saul which will feature the story of the show.

2. Fargo IMDB: 8.9 | 4 Seasons


A close-knit ensemble series located within and around Minnesota that deals with tales of hatred, violence, and murder.

The excellent thing is that Season 5 is unquestionably on the way. Fargo Season 5 was approved by the network in February 2022, according to Deadline.

3. Dexter IMDB: 8.8 | 8 Seasons

Den of Geek

Dexter is a tv drama series in the United States. Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter pattern analyzer for the ‘Miami Metro Police Department,’ also has a secret life as a mass murderer, taking down offenders who have fallen through the gaps of justice.

4. How to Get Away with Murder IMDB: 8.2 | 6 Seasons

How to Get Away with Murder
TV Insider

A sensual, suspenseful legal thriller about a bunch of aspiring law students and their bright, enigmatic criminal defense professor. They become engaged in a murder conspiracy that will upset the entire institution and affect the direction of their lives.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 was the final one, and its unsettling closing episode, “Stay,” brought the show to a grand close.

5. The Irregulars IMDB: 5.9 | 1 Season

The Irregulars

The Irregulars is a Netflix-produced and distributed American crime drama online tv show. It is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels and includes the Baker Street Irregulars operating for Dr. Watson to save London from otherworldly entities.

Netflix canceled the show after the first season.

6. Criminal Minds IMDB: 8.2 | 15 Seasons

Criminal Minds
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

An excellent team of FBI profilers examines the most disturbing criminal brains in the country, predicting their next steps before they attack again. David Rossi, a pioneer in the field of the BAU who returns to assist the team in solving new cases, is the most skilled agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit IMDB: 8.1 | 24 Seasons

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Vanity Fair

S*xual offenses are exceptionally serious in the criminal justice system. The committed investigators who investigate these heinous crimes in New York City are part of an elite group known as the Special Victims Unit. This is their story.

There is no update on a new season as of now.

8. NCIS IMDB: 7.8 | 20 Seasons

Lyrics Story

A squad of special agents examines any crime involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel, irrespective of rank or position, from homicide and espionage to extremism and stolen submarines.

NCIS Season 20 Part 2/ Episode 10 is all set to be released next year on 9th January 2023.

9. The Mentalist IMDB: 8.1 | Seasons

The Mentalist

Patrick Jane, a formerly famous psychic medium, works with the California Bureau of Investigation to solve significant murders by using his razor-sharp observation skills and proficiency in “reading” people.

The last episode of The Mentalist Season 7 finished with a fitting farewell to all of the main characters.

10. True Detective IMDB: 8.9 | 3 Seasons

True Detective

An American ensemble police detective series that uses several timelines to expose private and professional mysteries of people involved, both inside and beyond the law.

No update on any new season as of now.