Nicole Kidman Spotted at Sydney Airport With Her Husband Keith Urban And Daughters, Sunday And Faith!

Nicole Kidman was seen with her daughter Sunday who is 15 and as tall as her mother. Celebrities are very happy when their kids grow well with certain morals and also certain physicality. And that’s the reason why kids also want to follow the same step as their parents, at least it goes in the majority.

It is not just related to having or stepping into the shoes of parents but also looking like and growing like their parents. The same has happened with many star kids who are seen with their parents almost as tall as them.

Among them is Nicole Kidman who was on the scene with her 14-year-old daughters Sunday and Faith.

Nicole Kidman with her husband Keith Urban was seen together for the holidays. The couple got united at the Sydney Airport on 17 December 2022. They were seen holding hands while making some kind of family affair with their 14-year-old daughter Sunday and 12-year-old daughter Faith. They have given a very rare family outing look which was loved by fans.

The actress Nicole Kidman has kept her profile very low as she was wearing a baseball hat and black overcoat. On the other hand, her husband was seen in a black jacket and a cap.

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Here you can have a look at the pictures of Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban with their 2 daughters.

Nicole Kidman

Coming the two daughters then 14-year-old Sunday and 12-year-old Faith were looking as fashionable as ever.

They were seen pulling out the luggage in their appropriate outfits. Sunday was looking like her father in terms of blonde hair and eyes. And when it comes to 12-year-old Faith then she is more like her mother, Nicole Kidman, in terms of her smile and hair.

The two beautiful daughter wants to follow in the footstep of their mother and jump into the acting world. They have even got an appearance in 2018 in a mini-series on HBO called The Undoing.

Coming to the overall look then Nicole Kidman was seen wearing blue jeans and white sneakers with a grey sweater. While on the other hand, Urban was seen wearing a black sweatshirt with a black t-shirt and black pants.

Nicole is not just the mother of two daughters but she also shares two children with her ex Tom Cruise. She said that she would love to have 10 kids if it is possible. But at the same time, she said that she has got other children as she has 6 nephews and nieces and she became the godfather of a total of 12 children. The actress never keeps herself away from children as she loves her mother and kids.

Nicole Kidman got married in 2006 to Keith Urban after getting separated from Tom Cruise. The couple are together ever since 2006 and has always wished each other anniversary. Coming to the bonding between them then it is like a newly married couple who always fall in love with each other.