BTS’ Composer Bobby Jung, Sentenced to 1 year in Jail.

The member of the indie band ‘Autumn Vacation’ and former record producer of BTS, Bobby Jung has been sentenced to jail for 1 year for filming a n*de woman.

On December 14, Jung Dae Wook aka Bobby Jung was sentenced to 1 year in prison as well as 40 hours of s*xual violation education from Seoul Western District Court. He is also banned from employment in any facilities servicing youths, children, or disabled persons.

According to the verdict given by the court, “The victim, A, is suffering from severe mental shock and humiliation as a result of Jung filming her body unlawfully and without her permission. Jung did not exhibit a reflective attitude, despite the victim’s side demanding harsh punishment for his actions.

Given that Jung did not distribute this video to anyone and that he has not previously committed a comparable crime, he is today given a one-year prison term.” According to reports, the judge also decided that there was “insufficient evidence” to convict the singer of assaulting “A.”

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More About BTS’ Composer Bobby Jung, Sentenced to 1 year in Jail.

Bobby Jung

In May 2020, Bobby Jung was accused of engaging in illegal filming and s*xual assault. After it was found that the claims were made by the family members of victim “B” who had committed suicide, the story got extensive media notice. The case was, however, dropped by the prosecution earlier in January of this year.

Bobby has contributed to numerous tracks. He has collaborated with TOMORROW x TOGETHER and BTS, two K-pop idols of the Korean entertainment business. I’m Fine, Filter, Home, 134340, Dream Glow, Way Home, Roller Coaster, and 20 cm are a few of the tracks that have been produced by Bobby Jung.

Both BTS and TOMORROW x TOGETHER are the South Korean boy band under BigHit Entertainment. BTS consists of seven members which include V, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, and Suga.

While the group TOMORROW x TOGETHER consists of five members which include Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai. TOMORROW x TOGETHER made their debut with the extended play (EP) The Dream Chapter: Star on March 4, 2019.