Dance Monster Official Trailer Release Date, Contestants, and more

Netflix posted the official trailer for the latest show Dance Monster, which features 15 amateur dancers competing for a reward of $250,000. The dancers, in contrast, are outfitted in motion capture outfits that turn them into animated monsters.

It’s a lot to process, even before the one-eyed alien in the teaser spins and jumps across the stage. Instead, it appears as though a twirling marshmallow woman is from the future.

Using the newest motion capture technology, the dancers can conceal their identities and present their skills on stage as avatars to judges Ne-Yo, YouTuber Lele Pons, and UK’s top street dancer Ashley Banjo. Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls hosts the show.

In the trailer, dancers say that the show’s bizarre premise helps them feel more comfortable performing.

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Contestants in Dance Monster

Dance Monster

Fifteen actual humans are participating in Dance Monsters, but their names will be disclosed to the audience once they are eliminated. As a result, all the dancing will be done by CGI animals.

Some are traditional creatures, such as yetis and mummies. Others, however, are strange creations, such as a marshmallow creature and a jellyfish lady.

While having these amateur dancers fight as computer-generated animals adds a unique twist to the reality show, it’s more than just a fun gimmick. As spectators will discover, each genuine person behind these monsters has a tale to tell about how their high-tech disguise has finally given them the courage to perform in front of an audience.

According to one applicant, his alien avatar gave him the confidence he needed to pursue his ambition of becoming a dancer. In the teaser, he says, “It needed the hilarious one-eyed extraterrestrial to believe in myself.”

Despite how fun the concert may seem, Ne-Yo has emphasized that the cash will not be distributed to anyone.

Instead, the best dancer must “earn” their position. The remarkable VFX technology transforms our dancers into spectacular Monsters in real time. It is also destined to alter their lives as they receive the chance – and newfound confidence – to dance worldwide.

“Dance Monsters” will premiere on Netflix on Friday, December 16, with eight episodes released every Friday for the next three weeks through Friday, December 30.