Somebody Releasing Soon on Netflix.

We know that K Drama Somebody is completely full of twist and turns that actually comes up with different and new kind of concepts. This is on the way to Netflix, we will be catching it up very soon.

It is said that this will be coming to Netflix in the month of November 2022 this says the very much exciting latest psychological thriller Korean drama series.

The series is known as somebody where we’ll be watching Kim Young Kwang and also Kang Hae Lim.

Here are all the details and updates regarding the series which goes with the genre of psychological thriller and series is called “Somebody”.

Somebody is actually the forthcoming South Korean psychological drama thriller series where the deduction responsibilities were taken up by Jung Ji Woo, Han Ji Wan is the person behind the screenwriting.

There is this American thriller called as “American Psycho” on which the story of “Somebody” is based on that one.

What is the Plot of the Upcoming K-drama Somebody?


As we are very much aware of the fact that our series “Somebody” is actually a psychological thriller series, let us note this plot behind it, there is a social media app which got very popular called “Somebody”, there is a developer is an app and the person’s name is Som, was forced into some kind of a murder investigation when her app is central to the case.

Ki Eun is her friend and also a deductive who heads into the investigation and is assisted by their mutual friend Mok Won.

Release Date


Somebody is going to be released in the month of November 2022 Netflix and the release date for this series 18th of November 2022 which is Friday.

Official Trailer 

There is this trailer already released which actually confirms that the first season is going to come to Netflix in the month of November.

The Cast Members in K-Drama.


The series goes with the genre of psychological thriller, “Somebody”, let us find out who are the people going to be a part of the initial season:

This is actually the second Netflix native for Kim Young Kwang, who has already played the role in the 2021 romantic comedy series called “Hello, Me!”.

In this somebody series, he will be playing Sung Yun Oh.

Actress Kang Hae Lim will be playing Som

Kim Soo Yeon playing Ki Eun

Kim Yong Ji playing Mok – Won