Under the Queen’s Umbrella Released Today on Netflix.

The first look the Under the Queen’s Umbrella reveals is of a Queen who fights tenaciously to save her reputation and her children. The explanation for why she acts in such a manner has now been revealed.

For the Queen, raising the Crown Prince is a hardship in and of itself. She must do her job honorably so that her children’s lessons are not questioned. She successfully raises her eldest son, who holds the title of New King, and is the mother to five boys. The other three of her four boys lack motivation and are extremely sluggish.

She begins badgering the other sons because she gets frustrated trying to explain things to them. The Supreme Leader continues to be her pride, but only until the day she learns that he has a condition caused by a lack of blood.

The sickness also claimed the life of the former Crown Prince. She looks for a cure in any way she can since she is terrified of losing her kid. Her status in the court may potentially be in jeopardy if the Supreme Leader passes away.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Plot Details

Under the Queen's Umbrella

The ruling elite is constantly bothered by troublesome princes who live in the palaces and are preparing to become legitimate crown princes. She is, however, a spiny, prickly, and irritable queen, as opposed to exuding an air of elegance and grace.

She became more at ease as a result of everyone continuing to offend her. She is a princess who occasionally swallows her pride and has even been heard swearing! She has hardships every day of her existence, yet she perseveres because she loves her kids.

This Korean drama does take us into the problems and obstacles experienced by the ladies living in the Joseon era, particularly when it comes to the problems of the crown.

It does this by imagining the stance taken by the women living at that time. In most countries, the monarchs are frequently seen taking the initiative, leaving women to tend to the requirements or focus on the development of their prospective future progeny.

Release Date

Under the Queen's Umbrella
South China Morning Post

The Under the Queen’s Umbrella first Episode will be released on 12th November 2022, on Netflix. There would be 16 episodes altogether, two of which will be released every Saturday and Sunday. Coming on Sunday, December 4, 2022, is just the finale.

The difficulties faced by the women in the Joseon dynasty, particularly with regard to issues with the crown, are explored in this Korean play. It accomplishes this by picturing the posture taken by the women who were in existence at the time. In most nations, the kings typically take the lead, leaving women to take care of the household’s needs or concentrate on raising their future offspring.