Madonna Was Seen Licking Water Out Of a Dog Bowl In A New Video.

Recently Madonna shared a video on her Instagram, and fans are going crazy over that video. We have seen a lot of people doing strange…

Published: November 12th, 2022 12:43 am | Updated: November 11, 2022 12:43 am

Recently Madonna shared a video on her Instagram, and fans are going crazy over that video. We have seen a lot of people doing strange things that have become viral. But when it comes to celebrities then their every activity becomes viral. And if these activities are strange then it becomes the headlines of every piece of news.

Whether it is related to their strange fashion choice or their strange things, everything becomes a talking point on social media. Something like this happened with Madonna who was recently seen licking water out of a dog bowl in a new video.

It was recently when 50 Cent shades Madonna but when it comes to her then she cares very less about it. The 64-year-old singer Madonna recently came on Instagram and posted a strange video. It was on 9 November 2022 when the singer Madonna was seen drinking water from a silver dog bowl in a garage.

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Here you can check out the recent video of Madonna.

In the caption, the singer has written just GarageBand and coming to the video then it has already got many views. Madonna has shared all these things with her 18.6 million followers on Instagram.

Coming to her looking then she was looking beautiful as ever in her green shirt and a black shirt that was underneath. She was also wearing black hot pants and fishnet stockings.

Coming to accessories of Madonna then she was wearing sunglasses and silver necklaces. She was also seen wearing earrings that was matching her whole look. This video of Madonna comes directly after a new insult from 47-year-old rapper 50 Cent.

It was on 6 November 2022 when 50 Cent slammed her for a recent string of provocative clips. He called her grandma and b*******.

Going to a reaction of Madonna then she looked very carefree. According to the source, Madonna is really enjoying herself and her kids. She is right now focusing on herself and comfortable in her own skin.

The source has continued and said: “Madonna knows who she is inside and out, and she will never apologize for standing in her own truth. She will never stop fighting for female empowerment. She believes everyone has the right to feel s*xy. Age does not define beauty and she’s proud of what she looks like and how she feels.”