Lost Bullet 2 Release Date, and Everything About the Sequel

Lino and his car which is very iconic are going to get back with this sequel to hit the French-language Netflix movie which is called Lost Bullet. And after getting a hugely positive response, Lino is back again with Lost Bullet 2.

There are several octane-high action-packed scenes from the French language movie which is officially titled “Lost Bullet 2: Back For More”.

The people we will be watching are Lino and Julia who took over after the death of Charras and they form the new narcotic unit and this is in “Lost Bullet 2: Back For More”.

Lino is supposed to find the murders of his brother and mentor and he continues to hunt and will not allow anyone to stand his way.

The person behind the direction is Guillaume Pierret and this is actually a sequel to his 2020 action movie called “Lost Bullet”. And that first movie was actually a big hit on Netflix attracting several 37 million viewers in its initial four weeks.

And after the remarkable performance of the initial film was actually been very much ahead on Netflix It has also given the green light for the sequel for this movie coming up next as “Lost Bullet 2”.

And this is actually the direct sequel that only took six weeks to the completion of production earlier this year.

The initial movie of this “Lost Bullet”, actually follows Lino, a whiz mechanic with a knack for building ram cars, and he gets arrested for at least one which was gone wrong. Until then he was the whiz mechanic.

And was also scouted by the head of a special drug law enforcement squad and he also offered a bargain in order to avoid prison.

Run surely Lino has clearly proven his worth after the nine months but because he was actually wrongly convicted of the murder, There is only one thing left in his hands to find the proof of his innocence which is the bullet from the crime that was lodged in a missing car.

And the official title for this film in France is Balle Perdue, which was released on the 19th of June 2020.

Lost Bullet 2 Release Date

Lost Bullet 2

The sequel to the film “Lost Bullet” which is actually titled “Lost Bullet 2 Back For More” which is a sequel is going to stream on November 10th, 2022 on Netflix throughout the world.

Cast Members 

We will be watching:

  • Alban Lenoir
  • Steffi Selma playing Julia
  • Sebastian Lalanne playing Marco
  • Diego Martin
  • Pascal Arbillot playing Moss