Blockbuster Releasing Soon on Netflix

What if I tell you that you are going to have the best of both worlds in a single thing that exactly going to happen in the next sitcom on Netflix titled ‘Blockbuster’? You are going to experience the feeling of nostalgia as well as comedy basically it is going to be a workplace sitcom.

Blockbuster made enough of a splash in the media-rental business of the world that it is still an integral part of our everyday vocabulary, even if that is for nostalgic purposes. We all are already assuming that as the name suggests this work please come is going to be a money maker for its makers.

So to know more in detail about this workplace sitcom titled Blockbuster read this article till the end!!

Release date of Blockbuster:


We now have the official release date of the Blockbuster sitcom on Netflix which is the 3rd of November 2022 which is Thursday. The first episode of the series is going to be streamed on Netflix on the same date.


Yes of course there is an official trailer for this workplace sitcom on Netflix which will provide you a glance at what the series is going to be about.

We can see Randall Park playing the lead role in the trailer. He is portrayed as the lovable every-man that audiences can grow to adore. The narrative and picturization of the trailer were done such in a way that can make the viewers of the trailer fully excited about the series.

In case you haven’t yet checked the trailer of the series don’t worry we have the link for you to access the same click on the link above:

Hurry up and go give it a watch I am sure that you gonna love it!!!

Cast members of Blockbuster:


You are going to see the below-listed actors has cast members in the workplace sitcom Blockbuster:

• Randall Park portrays the role of Timmy.
• Madeleine Arthur for training the role of Hannah.
• Melissa Fumero for portraying the role of Eliza.
•  J.B. Smoove previously seen in (Spider-Man: Far from Home)
• Tyler Alvarez has previously seen in (Orange Is the New Black)
• Olga Merediz has previously seen in (In the Heights)

There may be more additions to the cast members of the series which we will get to know when we will watch it!!! Such talented cars in the series so it’s a surety that it’s going to be a Blockbuster.

The possible plotline of Blockbuster:


First and foremost let us inform you that season one of the series is going to have 10 episodes. It is basically going to be about the age of easy-access media of the present scenario, they work with each other to try and salvage the last Blockbuster of theirs and try and restore some of the characters and community that small businesses can easily provide.

There are many more things that will be disclosed as soon as the series streams on Netflix.
Stay tuned and thanks for reading:)