Wednesday New Characters Introduced in New Trailer

This new live-action show is soon to be approaching the screens of all viewers through Netflix. Let me tell you one thing the entire story of the series is going to be about Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family.

I hope that all of you remember the fictional Addams family started out in cartoon form back in the year 1938. And this family is popular to date.

You must be having many questions in your mind regarding this live-action drama to get all of them answered read this article till the end!!!!!

Release date of Wednesday:


This live-action drama is going to be premiered on Netflix on November 23rd, 2022 that is Wednesday.

The announcement of the official release date of Wednesday was made exactly two months earlier that is on September 23rd, 2022 on the official Twitter channel Netflix.

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Is there any trailer for Wednesday which can give us a glimpse of it?

Yes of course there are two trailers for the live-action series Wednesday to keep the excitement in the hearts of all the viewers high!!!

The first trailer was released by Netflix back in August 2022. The first trailer of Wednesday is of 2 minutes but is filled with many things at the same time. The action-packed trailer starts with Wednesday Addams’ dark silhouette image parting its way through a bright, cheery, high school hallway.

And we got to know a really very interesting thing during the trailer that Wednesday Addam has changed 8 schools in 5 years. That’s really very fascinating fact!!!!

But what exactly the reason behind it is that is also uncovered in the same trailer: we see our pigtailed antiheroine unleash two large bagfuls of piranhas into the pool of the school to attack a team of water polo full of bullying jocks.

And finally, the trailer comes to an end with Wednesday doing an Addams Family double-snap from the family’s theme music.

You can watch out for both trailers to have an idea about what the series is going to be about.

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Cast members of Wednesday:

Radio Times

You will be seeing the below-listed actors as cast members on Wednesday :

•Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday Addams
• Catherine Zeta-Jones portraying the role of Addams Family matriarch Morticia Addams
• Narcos actor Luis Guzmán in the role of Gomez Addams
• Isaac Ordonez in the role of Wednesday’s little brother Pugsley.
• Fred Armisen
• Thora Birch
• Riki Lindhome
• Jamie McShane
• Hunter Doohan
• Georgie Farmer
• Moosa Mostafa
• Emma Myers
• Naomi J. Ogawa
• Joy Sunday
• Percy Hynes White
• Gwendoline Christie



The series is going to be a combination of many genres like fantasy, horror, mystery, and comedy, I mean like wow so many things in just one series.

We have got the information that it will be having 8 episodes. This first season of Wednesday will focus more on the school life of Wednesday Addams in Nevermore Academy. Moreover, the protagonist of the story will try to control her psychic ability.

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