My Name is Vendetta Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything you need to know

An official trailer for the Italian movie My Name is Vendetta, which will be available for viewing at the end of November, has been released by Netflix.

This appears to be Italy’s take on Taken or John Wick, about a father who supposedly worked as an enforcer in the past but didn’t tell his family until they were assassinated. a frantic action, revenge, and survival movie set in a sleepy Südtirol village in northern Italy.

The mafia enforcer and his daughter fly to Milan to plan their retaliation after former foes murder his wife and brother-in-law. He’s not the kind of guy to run away. Netflix has made an official trailer accessible for the Italian film My Name is Vendetta, which will be viewed towards the end of November.

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My Name is Vendetta Plot

My Name is Vendetta

My Name is Vendetta is Italy’s version of Taken or John Wick, which is about a father who allegedly served as an enforcer in the past but didn’t notify his family until they were murdered. In a peaceful Südtirol town in northern Italy, a fast-paced action, retribution, and survival film are set.

After his wife and brother-in-law are killed by former enemies, the mafia enforcer and his daughter head to Milan to prepare for their retribution. 

A modest adolescent named Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) divides her time between off-road driving instruction and hockey games. Up to the point when defying her father Santo, she takes a hidden photo of him and posts it to Instagram.

The post is sufficient to drastically alter their life. Following the computer trail, two crooks break into their house and brutally murder Sofia’s mother and uncle, sparking a long-brewing score to be settled.

Sofia will learn that the truth has been kept from her whole life and that Santo has a troubled past as a member of the N’drangheta. Without fail, Sofia will embrace her father’s history of rage and violence and join forces with him to exact ruthless retribution.

Italian director Cosimo Gomez, who has also worked extensively as a production designer, is behind the camera for the film My Name Is Vendetta, which was originally titled Il Mio Nome è Vendetta in Italian.

Sandrone Dazieri, Cosimo Gomez, and Andrea Nobile wrote the script. This autumn, My Name in Vendetta will be available to view on Netflix starting on November 30, 2022.

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Cast and creators 

My Name is Vendetta
  • Alessandro Gassmann 
  • Remo Girone 
  • Sinja Dieks 
  • Alessio Praticò 
  • Gabriele Falsetta 
  • Ginevra Francesconi 

 Release date 

My Name Is Vendetta is set to premiere on November 30 on Netflix.