Megan Fox Slammed Haters for Questioning Her Parenting Skills

Megan Fox Slammed Haters With A Hilarious Comment Made Over Her Kids! It is very hard for celebrities to go through a situation that is created by other people in their life. Whether it is related to their personal life or a professional one, everything affected them at a certain point in their life.

Something like this has happened with many celebrities in Hollywood who have dealt with such things very carefully and boldly. Among them is the actress Megan Fox who has recently responded to the haters who were wondering where her kids are.

The actress Megan Fox is very good at making bold appearances as well as smashing all the haters with her response. And that is the reason why she is not going to leave things if it is related to her children.

Here you can check out Megan Fox’s Response to the Haters.

Megan Fox

It was recently when the actress clapped back at a troll who questioned her parenting skills. She responded through an Instagram post on 19 October where haters asked where her kids are. In reply to it, Megan Fox has responded very hilariously by joking about whether she has kids or not.

She said she knew she has forgot something and pretended to forget her children in the hotel. She has also pretended the help by taking them in lost and found.

Megan Fox is the mother of three kids whom she shares with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Both the couple are giving the best time to their kids with the utmost respect for each other.

We know that Megan Fox is right now in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and that’s why a lot of people attacked her for not being a good mother. The couple has got engaged and soon going to plan their marriage. According to the source, the rapper is thinking about marriage since October 2020 as he wants to have babies.

The couple is very much open about their relationship in public but at the same time, they have also kept it very private and personal. They have always supported each other in every circumstance and have great bonding.

Coming to the marriage then the couple is already thinking about the marriage list in which their best friend Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian would be there for sure. According to the source:

“Colson has a huge group of friends, so he needs to be very selective with who he chooses. But as far as the women go, Megan doesn’t have a large circle of girlfriends, but Kourtney is definitely on her list because they’ve grown so close this past year and she thinks it would be so sweet to have her and Travis both in the wedding.”