Man of Steel 2 Is In Production with Henry Cavill

Will we see Henry Cavill once again in the Man of Steel 2? Because of Warner Brothers’ recent merger with Discovery and David Zaslav’s takeover of the legendary studio, the future of DC Films has been shaky.

However, there have been a few jewels in DC’s collection that fans have clung to throughout the previous decade.

Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman, is one such film. Man of Steel is the picture that released the DCEU as we know it, but it has not gotten a sequel since its premiere in 2013.

However, this seems to be changing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC is working on a Man of Steel 2 sequel, with Cavill slated to return. The studio is presently on the lookout for a writer.

This is part of a bigger DC story on the franchise’s future, but veteran DC producer Charles Roven is involved, and WB allegedly has a director wishlist. THR notes that Christopher McQuarrie from Mission: Impossible is on the list.

That’s all we know for the time being. McQuarrie’s presence is understandable given his collaboration with Cavill on Mission: Impossible – Fallout. While McQuarrie is presently working on the final two M: I films, Dead Reckoning Parts One and Two, Man of Steel 2 is still in the planning phases.

McQuarrie has previously shown that he can manage an action-packed blockbuster with M: I, making him an ideal option to play Superman.

Man of Steel 2 Is In Production.

Man of Steel 2

When Man of Steel was released, it sparked debate among fans and critics alike. It was a very Snyder picture that asked, “What if Superman arrived in our actual world?” As a result, it was a darker Superman narrative than popular viewers were used to at the time. Thankfully, the picture has received a reconsideration in the decade following.

Cavill’s outstanding performance alone elevated the picture to the status of one of the most sophisticated character studies seen in any contemporary superhero movie.

Man of Steel is a top ten comic book film of all time, thanks to its amazing action, epic musical soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, and terrific antagonists. As a result, this announcement will delight many admirers.

After endless delays, cancellations, and contradicting grim reports, it seems like DC fans have been waiting for eons for some positive news. This is not just welcome news, but it may be the finest DC news a fan could hope for.

While nothing is fixed in stone at this moment, it’s comforting to know that work on a sequel to Man of Steel has begun. It seems that Cavill’s Superman will play an important role in DC’s future under Zaslav.

Black Adam, the next film in the DCEU, will be released this weekend. Since the San Diego Comic-Con this summer, actor Dwayne Johnson has been hinting at a possible clash with Superman.