Blockbuster Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Who discovered those after-school evenings ended up spent browsing hallways of video rentals as well as pouches of popcorn would inspire Netflix’s latest sitcom Blockbuster?

Influenced by the nearly extinct Blockbuster Video shops of yesteryear, Netflix will soon release ten 30-minute episodes of “Blockbuster,” set to star Randall Park as Timmy Yoon, a guy who uncovers he is willing to take responsibility for the nation’s last Blockbuster shop.

The very first trailer was released on October 7, and it appears that the series will be a humorous, lovable tribute to the once-loved video store.

Considering streaming platforms like Netflix playing a significant role in Blockbuster’s ultimate demise, it will be fascinating to see how successfully the series portrays the sentimentality that gave Blockbuster what it is today a culture, a legacy, and an event that others will never be able to completely replicate.

Read on to further all we know so far about “Blockbuster,” and prepare to be taken back to one of the finest aspects of growing up in the ’90s.

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Blockbuster Release Date


Blockbuster will release on Netflix on November 3, 2022, when it formally launches. Fans will be glad to discover that the initial episode will not be delayed for long.

The Cast

The entire cast of Blockbuster includes:
• Randall Park plays Timmy
• Melissa Fumero plays Eliza
• Madeleine Arthur plays Hannah.
• J.B. Smoove
• Tyler Alvarez
• Olga Merediz
The cast behind the scene
• Vanessa Ramos is the creator of the show and a writer
• Jackie Clarke and David Caspe are also writers for the show.

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The plot of Blockbuster


The setting shouldn’t come as a surprise as the sitcom’s 10-episode, season 1 is set in the final Blockbuster location in the United States. Even if there is little information accessible about the narrative, there is sufficient available information about the show to offer viewers a good cause to be excited about the release.

As they work together to try to rescue the last Blockbuster and revive a portion of the nature and community that smaller companies can give in the age of easy access to media, the series will chronicle its key protagonists.

It is the perfect scenario for comedic mischief to occur when Timmy Yoon and his friends realize that they are the last Blockbuster since they have such a difficult duty to rescue the store.

We can predict that several people will find the show to be a sentimental walk down memory lane because the production team for the series was able to get the copyright to the Blockbuster logo as well as the staff uniforms.


The Blockbuster trailer, in particular, highlights the superb sense of humor. As a result, that’s what fans have come to anticipate from Vanessa Ramos’ prior work. Randall Park seems to portray the likable ordinary man that fans will probably grow to adore in the trailer.

The absurdist script is very conscious of pop culture, as well as the 2-minute teaser alone incorporates a number of movie allusions. This is perfect given the audience the show is trying to reach and the narrative’s emphasis on a Blockbuster movie rental shop.

Consequently, it is appropriate for both types of audiences. Given all of this, it makes sense why fans are anticipating the show’s release.